Taking the world by storm

What an unforgettable season this was. Get in the Ring was making headlines on national television across the world. New countries were joining the competition. Together we passed the 100 countries milestone.


In 2017 Get in the Ring set out to provide global exposure and opportunities to scale to more startups than ever. Thus the Global Meetup in Singapore welcomed the winners of all national rounds – totaling 150 winning startups from all corners of the world.

Regional highlights


In the season of 2017 we decided to redesign our competition format and give opportunities for global exposure to more startups than ever before. We opened the Global Meetup to the winners of all national editions of Get in the Ring. Take a look at some of the highlight events of the season leading up to an unforgettable final in Singapore.

Get in the Ring


This season of Get in the Ring was kicked off with a bang. NDTV, one of the biggest TV channels in India, broadcasted the opening of the ’16/’17 edition of Get in the Ring. Our event in Hyderabad was edited in two episodes that both aired on a Saturday evening! This brought a lot of exposure to the startups pitching at the event. The event was part of the DHI Labs Impact Chapter congress and organized in cooperation with NASSCOM, with guests from all over the world attending.


A crowd of hundreds got an interesting surprise when the Ringmaster was announced to be none other than Rajiv Makhni, Managing Editor Technology at NDTV, one of the biggest news channels in India. Known as the Gadget Guru and presenter of the show Unicorn: chasing the startup dream! The panel of Champion jury members consisted of 7 experts, such as Naveen Asrani from Microsoft, Immanuel Amberber from Yourstory and Oscar Kneppers from Rockstart.


In the end it was Nukkad Shops that claimed victory and took home the prize: A fully-sponsored ticket to the Global Meetup 2017 in Singapore.

Get in the Ring


On November 15th Premier ABC venue in Khartoum was about to be rocked as Sudanese startups put the gloves on, ready to battle. The event promised to be amazing with a mix of more than 300 corporates, startups and visitors coming to see the hottest Sudanese solutions. 


After a 2 day bootcamp , 10  startups  were selected to pitch in the ring. It was an amazing opportunity for the Sudanese startups to battle their ideas against each other and to receive an expert feedback from the Champion jury. This year was comprised of professionals from different spheres like Ahmed Sufian (Techstars), Badr (GIAD), Ali Amin ( Bank of Khartoum); Omer Omerabi, (EBS) ; Magdi Taha (Zain). 


After 5 battles and knockout pitches, 2 startups proved to have the best solutions in the ring. Video-platform Filmedia Entertainment & Venue-application Wain finder.

Get in the Ring


Get in the Ring Budapest had it all: speed dating, networking sessions and startups from 4 different countries competed in fierce battles. Caught by the startup fever, many corporates and high profile investors attended the event.More than 70 startups from Central and Eastern Europe applied for our Budapest event, of which 16 teams were invited to the selection round on November 23rd. On the night of the event 3 Hungarian, two Romanian, one Polish and one Austrian startup competed in front of the excited audience.


The winner was determined by the Champion jury: Get in the Ring’s very own Jochem Cuppen, Maris Prii, from Startup Wise Guys; Max Kelly, from Techstars London; Markus Lang, by Pioneers Ventures; Katona Bence, from Hiventures; and Erős Veronika, representing Hungarian National Trading House.


After 4 intense battles, it was the startup Intellyo who emerged victorious. They would be accompanied by RoboTrainer who also received a ticket to the Global Finals as the best-performing Hungarian startup!

Highlighted Partners of 2017

Media highlights

As featured on:


Interview with GITR Ankara winner Tarla.io

Tarla.io (meaning agricultural field in Turkish) won the Turkey stage of Get In The Ring competition…

Get in the Ring India

Get in the Ring India was broadcasted on national television for all to see…

Let’s ‘Get in the Ring’ of Global startups

START-UPS will make a blinding debut as Singapore hosts the global ‘Get in the Ring’ start-ups competition for the first time from Wednesday to Friday.

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Global Meetup 2017

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Champion jury members of 2017

Jeffrey Seah

Venture Partner of Quest Ventures & Vice-chair of HEPMIL Media Group

Jay Krishnan

Former CEO of T-Hub Hyderabad & Serial entrepreneur

Shao-Ning Huan

Former Managing Director/ Group Deputy CEO of JobsCentral Group


Global Winners 2017


Dominican Republic


“Winning the 2017 Get in the Ring Global Startup Competition was a fantastic moment in our startup Journey! Not only winning has been important for the validation of our business model but also winning has helped us give to all those entrepreneurs back home who believe in the power of their ideas to positively impact the world.”

Luis David Sena, CEO of Edupass




“It is still hard to believe that a grasshopper farming startup can beat all the rest. It is a significant symbol that agri-tech and food-tech are becoming mainstream as humanity starts to understand its importance. Also, I am proud to represent the israeli Startup Nation that is developing fast into a leading vertical in the Israeli Eco-system”

Dror Tamir, CEO & Co-founder of Hargol FoodTech


The Netherlands


“As the winner of the Get in the Ring Competition, LifeSense Group is sending ripples around the world that will make an impact in the life of every woman and change the way we view and understand a secret women have been keeping for years. Winning the prestigious Get in the Ring competition, LifeSense Group has transformed the largest women’s health secret today into the largest spoken solution.”

Valer Pop, CEO & Co-founder LifeSense Group

Runner ups of 2017

Lightweight class


Middleweight class


Heavyweight class



“Get in the Ring is more than just a startup competition. It’s a show, it’s networking, and the best opportunity for our startups to show what they’ve got.”


Zsolt Kovacs, 2017, Co-founder Startup Campus, Hungary

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