global innovation network

The Get in the Ring network is a collection of individuals and organizations that work together to find the most promising innovations globally, match them to the right partners and provide ongoing support in growing their companies. Together we open-up opportunities and make the right connections. Together we solve challenges faster.

Why you should join?

Not only because you share our ambition to grow promising innovations to tackle challenges faster, but also because

  • We own a global network of partners and like-minded people

  • We connect promising startups

  • We provide ready-to-go format and resources for activities

What you can do

Support startups globally with mentoring, judging, scouting and connecting promising startups to the resources they need

Get a license to organize activities such as events and challenges by using the Get in the Ring brand and resources

Become a full partner of Get in the Ring and grow the organization around a specific theme or region

"With Get in the Ring you support people to realize their dreams and that is exactly what we want to do as well. Through our collaboration we are able to do this not only in our country, but really around the world."

Akim Adjibi - Licensed partner in multiple countries in Africa

How you can join

Tell us you are interested
Schedule a call with one of our team members
See how Get in the Ring can be beneficial to you