Make container tracking smart and gamified

Pilot contract, ticket to Global Conference, access to global network Deadline passed

APM Terminals and Get in the Ring are looking for innovative solutions to track containers on land – current location, known or estimated destination, container content and arrival time. Why? To optimize APM Terminal’s planning, speed up cargo delivery and increase effective capacity of the global Maersk transport network.


A.P. Moller – Maersk is an integrated transport and logistics company with multiple brands and is a global leader in container shipping and ports. Including a stand-alone Energy division, the company employs roughly 88,000 employees across operations in 130 countries.


As a member of the Maersk Transport & Logistics division, APM Terminals seeks to provide the most efficient and cost-effective port and terminal operations. In the container shipping industry, APM Terminals wants to transport as efficiently as possible, with limited waiting time and optimal routing through ports, hubs, ships, rail and trucks. Maersk and APM Terminals want to be able to track containers from A to B, also when they are partly being handled by competitors.


A challenge in this industry is knowing which containers are moving where and when will they arrive at the next hub or terminal. Today, APM Terminal’s customers have to book transportation in advance. APM Terminals wants to forecast container arrivals based on actual data, to improve cargo routing, reduce congestion and improve stowage planning at terminals.


Can you take the first steps toward solving this Challenge?

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


We are looking for startups with great solutions that can be operational within 6 months. How does your solution solve this Challenge? That is up to you – consider the following topics:

Container tracking solutions

Containers that are aboard a ship can be tracked with GPS or AIS data. But how can the containers be tracked when they reach the shore, terminal or being transported by truck or rail? Are there common products (like phone tracking or road cameras) that you are utilizing, with no need for hardware on the container itself?

Gamification of container location database

How can your solution combine a container location database with other data, so it becomes relevant and maybe even fun for truck drivers & the general public to start chasing and scanning container numbers? Your solution could include travel data, odometer, congestion forecasts, etc.


  • A pilot contract to implement the solution(s) and prove the concept;

  • Pitching your solution to Maersk - APM Terminals at the Get in the Ring Global Conference, including a 3-day program with other corporates and investors;

  • A trip to Maersk HQ in Copenhagen for a day with business introductions & meetings (Anneli Bartholdy, Digital Innovation Lead for Maersk T&L, Maersk innovation thought leaders) and visits to some of the entrepreneurial ecosystems in the greater Copenhagen area;

  • Access to the Maersk Transport & Logistics division’s global network.


  • The product or service can be used within the wider business environment of Maersk Transport & Logistics division, including but not limited to container handling.

  • In the future, the product or service can be applied to other Maersk and APM Terminals locations worldwide.

  • You reasonably expect to have a minimum viable product or service for feasibility/field testing within 6 months.




MAY 17TH - 19TH


6 finalists will be selected to pitch during the Get in the Ring Global Conference on May 17 - 19th in Singapore. The winner will be announced during the final pitch event during the conference!

ClearMetal winner of pilot contract


The winner of this challenge is ClearMetal; a Predictive Logistics company using data science to unlock unprecedented efficiencies for global trade. They build data-driven products to solve the most complex operational problems in container-shipping.

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Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges