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APM Terminals, Maersk and Get in the Ring were on the hunt for innovative solutions to track containers on land – current location, known or estimated destination, container content and arrival time. Why? To optimize APM Terminal’s planning, speed up cargo delivery and increase effective capacity of the global Maersk transport network.

From the 70 startups that applied, 8 were invited to talk business with representatives from APMT and Maersk from the Netherlands, Denmark and Singapore. These 8 startups were more than willing to fly in from 6 different countries to the city with one of the biggest harbors in the world: Singapore!

Besides the 1-on-1 business meetings, these 8 startups had even more opportunities lying ahead, as they were invited to participate in the Get in the Ring Global Conference. During the Conference, they had the opportunity to not only speak to APMT/Maersk, but also other corporates and VCs about how to improve corporate-startup collaborations.

Maersk and APMT saw everything during the 1-on-1 meetings with startups, from Pokemon Go-like tracking of containers and blockchain solutions to IoT containers and satellite tracking. Maersk and APMT have already planned follow-up meetings with several companies, and decided to immediately start working with ClearMetal, who is able to predict ETAs and ETDs for individual containers. The first meetings to actually start the pilot project have been already taken place in San Francisco, ClearMetal’s home.

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