Smart Mobility Challenge

€100K Shell Tech Ventures and more Deadline passed

Get in the Ring and Shell are looking for your innovative solution on smart mobility for the Bright Energy Ideas Challenge of Shell! Through this challenge startups can win €25,000 in cash, coaching and access to Shell’s global network and additionally are awarded with a €100,000 convertible loan by Shell Technology Ventures.


Why? Because the world is changing, and technology and innovation are at the heart of that change. The amount of cars on the road is predicted to triple by 2050, not to mention to growth in freight and flight. Shell is looking for innovative solutions in the following four areas:

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


On the 26th of May, Shell launched the challenge during EnergyFest. This Challenge is a great opportunity for you, because Shell is not only opening up its network and awarding a great prize, but is truly looking for startups to collaborate with. How can your solutions change the face of future mobility?

Smart products

Products that reduce CO2-output and minimize energy consumption

Smart usage

Advice and solutions on how to improve fuel usage efficiency

Smarter infrastructure

Technology to deal with the increasing demand for mobility

Smart models

Disruptive business models to reinvent the old or introduce the new within smart mobility


  • €100,000 convertible loan from Shell Technology Ventures (3% interest rate, 2 year maturity, under further terms and conditions)

  • €25,000 cash

  • Exclusive coaching from Shell experts

  • Access to Shell’s global network

  • Media coverage and publicity for the 5 finalists

  • Guaranteed acceptance to the Shell startup program in 2017 for the 5 finalists


Your solution should be:

  • past a working prototype

  • realizable as a usable product or service within the next 2 years

  • focused on solving existing frictions in the mobility space, with an explanation how Shell connects to this solution

Your startup should be:

  • a registered company, equivalent to the Dutch B.V. (eg UK - Ltd. Plc. , Germany - GmbH A.G.)

  • at least 3 FTE’s

  • launched less than 5 years ago

  • registered in Europe or Israel




The deadline for applications is August 20th.


The 5 finalists will be selected.


The winner will be announced during the final pitch event on October 4th, in the Hague, the Netherlands.

Shell starts working with Neomatix


Neomatix won the competition with its concept for a smart sensor that monitors the status of tires. Among other things, the sensor can help reduce CO2 emissions by providing an early warning when the tyre pressure is too low. Neomatix is a startup based in Tel Aviv. It is comprised of experts in the field of Avionics, software developers and engineers and is providing solutions to low-tech industries in highly competitive markets. The company is offering a disruptive technology in a market which is accumulating a 100B dollar loss for neglected tires.




Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges