Contribute to growth and sustainability with Rabobank’s Sustainable Innovation Awards 2020

Access to Network, Exposure, Cash Prize Deadline passed

Get in the ring, together with The Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award 2020 is looking for sustainable cross-thinkers with innovative solutions that really matter. Choose one of the categories: Food & Agriculture, Circular Economy & Climate, or Vital Communities & Health. 


Rabobank is a socially-responsible bank. They are committed to making a substantial contribution towards achieving wealth and prosperity in the Netherlands and to resolving the food issue worldwide. They focus on strengthening their customers and their communities in order to achieve these objectives.


Selected innovators of the Sustainable Innovation Awards 2020 get wide exposure, and direct access to the network and knowledge of Rabobank, plus the opportunity to win € 20.000. The goal is that Rabobank helps you accelerate your innovation, good for you & good for the world around us. 

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

The Challenge

The Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award encourages and stimulates entrepreneurs with innovative solutions that can really make a difference. These are entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the growth of their business as well as make the world a better place.

When registering, you can choose from the following three categories:

Food & Agriculture

Sustainable food production for a growing world population is a major priority so solutions related to this, and other issues such as supply chain transparency, or sustainable and efficient supply chain management should apply

Circular Economy & Climate

Interesting solution directions include closing the life-cycles for raw materials and nutrients, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing energy and raw material consumption

Vital Communities & Healthcare

Innovations in vital communities and healthcare focus on promoting vitality and quality of life in areas such as village centres and urban districts, or among target groups with disabilities are all important solution directions to explore

Whats in it for you
  • Access to Rabobank's relevant sector knowledge

  • Access to relevant market parties

  • Lots of Local Media Exposure

  • Cash prize of 20,000 Euros to further develop your innovation

Additional Requirements
  • Must be active in the Netherlands

  • Must have a focus on social, economic, technical, or ecological field

  • Scaleable solution (within three years)


October 19


Deadline for applications is October 19, 11:59 CST
October 23


Selection of top 20 startups, per theme, is on October 23rd
November 6


Selection of top 10 startups, per theme, is on November 6th
November 12


Finalist selection of top three startups, per theme, is on November 12th
November 26


Live awards ceremony to be announce the winner will be broadcasted on RTL on November 26th
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges