Build an algorithm to optimize gas production based on a real life data case from Shell during the Shell GameChanger HackWeek

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Together with Get in the Ring, YES!Delft and Shell are looking for student teams, entrepreneurs or early stage startups to put their skills related to data science / AI algorithm/ developer skills etc. to practice and innovate the smart energy sector. Your challenge is to work on a business case to optimize energy consumption at Shell power plants, while maintaining a high and stable energy consumption by working with their provided dataset. Shell’s GameChanger program works with ambitious entrepreneurs who have the potential to impact the future of energy. Within a 5-day hackathon, you will get the opportunity to work on an actual business case with Shell’s dataset to validate and prove your insights in their data and present your solution to Shell’s jury at the end of the week.



In terms of operational expenditure at power plants, electricity cost is the highest driver, of which about 85% is used by gas compressors. These compressors run at maximum throughput, with a high energy price, thus maximum production isn’t necessarily the optimal point both from an economical and environmental perspective. By assessing different pressure points and parameters (such as electricity price, seasons/day fluctuations) a more balanced operational model can be identified, thereby creating economical and environmental benefits.


Founded in 1996, Shell GameChanger provides startups and businesses with a quick and cost-efficient way to show the technical and commercial viability of their technology idea or business plan. Shell GameChanger has interacted with more than 5,000 innovators around the world, helping them turn more than 150 ideas into reality. They are ready to take a chance on yours.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

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The Hackweek is a 5-day hackathon where selected startups, developers and students test and adapt their novel digital solutions rapidly on a real-life dataset provided by Shell. Data parameters include: production volumes, power usage of equipment, export pipeline pressures, pressure set points along the plant, weather data from sensors and spot market data. Objectives are to present operational models for different scenarios (minimum environmental impact, maximal production etc.), build a predictive model for the power consumption on the plant, calculate optimal points, and provide recommendations on how to smoothen power offtake. During the HackWeek, you will be supported by experts from Shell, Technical University of Delft and YES!Delft. Also, workshops to sharpen your saw will be provided. On the final day, participants will demonstrate their ideas in the form of a minimum viable product. MVP’s will be evaluated by a Shell & YES!Delft jury based on predictive capabilities, optimization and visualization.


  • Access to data to verify and test/adapt algorithms.

  • Access to Shell experts on data interpretation & modelling.

  • Customer/business model validation with Shell & YES!Delft.

  • Ownership of code, algorithms, but not data.

  • Accelerated access to Shell GameChanger programme (when a fit is identified).

  • A ticket to the YES!Delft Validation Lab (for 2 teams).

  • 10,000 EUR in cash for the winner.


  • Early stage startups, student/developer teamsStudent/developer teams, early stage startups (teams of 2-3 members, you can also register as a single person and be partnered up with other single applicants)

  • Have at least two team members (max 4) who will attend The HackWeek

  • Brilliant developer with top-notch programming skills

  • Creative minds with strong analytical skills and novel ideas

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The deadline for applications is February 4th 2019.


Nominated startups/entrepreneurs will be invited for the selection call taking place on February 12th, 2019.


Selected startups/entrepreneurs will be invited to attend The HackWeek from February 25th till March 1st, 2019 taking place at the headquarters of YES!Delft in The Hague.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges