Soft-land your predictive maintenance solution to the Netherlands, being adopted by industry leaders across the value chain

Access to network, Dealmaking opportunity with Industry leaders, Expert coaching, Scale to the Netherlands & Europe Deadline passed


As part of the Go Beyond Program, developed with our partner Enterprise Singapore, Get in the Ring is teaming up with Dell Technologies, Port of Amsterdam, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and more to give Singaporean ventures a soft landing in the Netherlands and access to the European market.

We are looking for innovative solutions making maintenance predictive, less costly, more efficient, safer, and smarter through remote monitoring, predictive data analytics, digital twins, and more.


Unanticipated breakdowns, lengthy downtime, and safety issues not only affect the process and the overall productivity at different points of a value chain including planning, inventory management, and more but also impose unnecessarily high costs for different stakeholders.


Together with Dell technologies as technology integrator partner and Port of Amsterdam and Rotterdam The Hague Airport as application partners, we are collaborating to build the future of predictive maintenance, creating value for all the players in the logistics and mobility value chain.


Join us in this program and scale to the European market.

For more information and to register visit:


The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

The challenge

The key challenge is making maintenance predictable, smarter, and safer. Therefore, de-risking the whole process in logistics and supply chain. 

Remote & Automated Monitoring

Solutions enabling remote monitoring of assets, hardware, and equipment. Technologies including IoT, smart sensors, smart cameras, drones, wearables, etc.

Data Measurements and Analytics

Solutions generating insights on the status of assets and equipment, predictions, and actionable insights. Technology examples include AI, ML, and more

Data Security

Data security solutions that can be implemented across the value chain, facilitating data privacy and anonymity

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality solutions, AR, VR, and more facilitating maintenance activities including monitoring and repair to be done in a safer and more efficient manner

Digital Twins

Digital twin solutions enabling predictive maintenance

What's in it for you


  • Explore collaboration opportunities with industry leaders: Dell Technologies, Port of Amsterdam, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and more

  • Tailor your solution to the Dutch market with industry experts

  • Access to an extensive pool of investors, Venture Capitalists and a supportive network in the Netherlands

  • Access to talent and Dutch innovation ecosystem

  • Membership to Workforce INC - a collaborative industry consortium focused on improving worker conditions with tech solutions with over 20 leading partners

  • Become part of the Go Beyond program we developed with Enterprise Singapore to help you establish your foothold in Europe. This includes a 4-week preparation program with interactive workshops on partnership development

Additional requirements

To be applicable for the program:

  • Your solution should be at the prototype stage or further

  • Have ambition to scale towards Netherland and beyond

  • Be a Singapore-based startup or SME

  • Participation costs S$4.600 after ESG subsidies


May 5th


The deadline for applications is May 5th
MAY 13th


Selected companies to be announced at the end of May
June 2nd


Selected companies will be invited for the 4-week program in which they will be prepared for one-on-one meetings and exploration week and to gain traction in the Netherlands
June 24th


Companies will be meeting the partners in the program and more to explore real traction opportunities
June 28th - July 2nd


Companies will be meeting with an extensive network including investors and support organizations among others to further explore the Dutch ecosystem and beyond further
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges