Tackling illegal behaviour at the Schevening Pier with the municipality of The Hague

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The Hague is the 3rd biggest city of the Netherlands and home of the Dutch government. As being one of the most beloved and popular cities in the country, the pier in Scheveningen at the coast is one of the main attraction for toursists as well as Dutch people themselves. However, during the night youngsters gather in this coastal area near the pier and cause noise disturbance and litter the area. This nuissance is caused by alcohol and drug use and the municipality wants to take action to stop this.

The municipality of The Hague is looking for smart-city solutions to make the pier area less attractive for these youngsters. The city council is looking for a wide range of solutions to make sure that they don’t come to Scheveningen at all. Together with Startup in Residence and the municipality of The Hague we challenge you to tackle this problem. For further details of the problem itself check out the official challenge page by Startup in Residence here.

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Solution Direction 1


Via smart-parking there is a possibility to make travelling to the area much less attractive. By for example raising the parking prices during the night hours or monitoring the different traffic in the area the county can make coming to Scheveningen less convenient.

    Solution Direction 2

    Smart Cameras & Lighting

    Via smart cameras and lighting the youngsters who are causing all the nuisance can be detected and brought to attention. By bringing their drug use and littering to light, the area will be less favorable.

      Solution Direction 3

      Smart Signs & Notifications

      By making the loiterers aware of there presence in the area it is possible to make it less attractive. Smart advertising or certain apps can help in identifying and notifying these visitors of the pier area of their unwanted presence.

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        The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges