Work with Cargill, Rodenburg Biopolymers and Royal Cosun to innovate the future of biotech

Pilot project, launching customer, investment, expert coaching, access to network Deadline passed

Cargill, Rodenburg Biopolymers and Royal Cosun are looking to boost young bio-based businesses with the BioVoice program. BioVoice was set up by the Green Chemistry Campus, Rewin, CoE Biobased Economy and Rabobank to help corporations find bio-based solutions for existing problems. Dockwize, Impuls Zeeland, KVK and Center of Expertise Biobased Economy are associated as a partner for the execution of the program. With this open innovation platform, all parties involved want to give innovative entrepreneurs the chance to create a more sustainable future. BioVoice is looking to collaborate with startups, scaleups, and SMEs on a variety of topics including purified fructose, bioplastics, biodegradable food packaging and saving energy in the food separation and desiccation process.


As part of the BioVoice program, a startup’s prospects can significantly improve by having one of the large corporates invest in them and/or becoming a launching customer. If selected, you will take part in the challenge weeks, where you get to know the company thoroughly. During the challenge weeks, startups can earn an innovation contract which allows them to enter the development process. In addition to all of that, BioVoice provides a €100,000 in innovation vouchers.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


Dewatering process of biomass

In what energy-efficient ways can Cargill extract water from ingredients (such as starch, fibers, proteins) out of wheat and/or corn?

Decreasing energy usage in the separation process

What techniques can Cargill use to save energy when separating different types of particles, especially in liquids with less energy?

Biodegradable food packaging

How can Cargill scale up the use of biodegradable food packaging?

Applications for purified fructose F99

Which partners could apply and commercialize Cosun’s pure fructose as feedstock for the chemical industry?

Biobased additives and ingredients out of beet pulp for non-food markets

Where and how can we valorize the contents of sugar beet pulp, particularly pectin (fragments), galacturonic acid and arabinose, in non-food markets?

Redesigning products with biodegradable bioplastics

In which products can bioplastics with biodegradability make a ground-breaking impact at Rodenburg Biopolymers?

Gain value out of bioplastics in the end-of-life phase

With which method/in what way can Rodenburg Biopolymers add value to the end-of-life flow of biodegradable packaging?


  • Pilot project with Cargill, Rodenburg Biopolymers or Royal Cosun

  • Possibility for the corporates to become your launching customer

  • Possibility to land investment

  • €100,000 in innovation vouchers available

  • Work closely with businesses and industry experts to develop your solution


  • Have a working prototype/service

  • Be registered as an official entity




The deadline for applications is April 29th, at 15:00PM (UTC+1).


Startups will be selected on the 1st of May,
MAY 13TH - 24TH


You will get to know the company and can earn an innovation contract and land a pilot project.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges