Shenzhen is often referred to as “the Silicon Valley of Hardware” as it has grown to become a powerful and innovative ecosystem. The presence of entrepreneurs and talent combined with suppliers and factories makes it an ideal ecosystem for hardware startups.


With this diagram, policy makers and ecosystem builders can visualize the full startup ecosystem of Shenzen and highlight the role and positioning of key stakeholders.

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Startup Infrastructure Diagram

About the Shenzen ecosystem


The land of opportunity

Something incredible happened in Shenzhen over the past thirty years that turned this former fisherman market-town into the hardware capital of the world.

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The maker movement

In Shenzhen, co-working isn’t just about sharing an office. It’s about coming together and making cool hardware products and that is why they have so many makerspaces. A makerspace is a collaborative workspace that includes a variety of maker equipments, that provides the perfect environment to develop a product.

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Ideal structure

No other place in the world offers a structure to manufacture goods such as this former fishermen village in China. Shenzhen is the perfect place to turn your prototype into an actual product.

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Entrepreneurial talent

There has been a positive shift in entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions, with more individuals possessing skills and knowledge to start a businesses and also a rise in their intentions to start a business.


Access to finance

The capital environment in Shenzhen is relatively favourable, with banks being supportive of startups and heavy financial support from the government.


Areas of Excellence

Shenzhen is a hub for hardware startups. According to Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute, the number of patents in Shenzhen account for 50% of all patents in China.

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