Global Startup Competition 2022

Get in the Ring – MVM Budapest 2022

The boxing ring-style pitch competition will come again in 2022! Startups shall rhetorically battle each other in a boxing-style ring, in front of an audience, and the broad theme is sustainability. For the fifth time, Startup Campus and Hiventures are organizing Get in the Ring Budapest as part of the Regional Startup and Innovation Day, and this year’s challenges come from the predominant player in the Hungarian energy system MVM Group (Hungarian Electrical Works).

Application deadline: 17 May 2022
Event date: 02 Jun 2022
Practical Information

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How you benefit from Get(ting) in the Ring


In the last few years there has been rise in the number of startups, incubators and resources available in Hungary, this has significantly changed the mindset of local people about the idea of entrepreneurship. Hungary undertook a massive development project, in which Budapest plays a big role.

Global exposure for your startup

-The winner will have access to investment opportunities

-Test and prove your solutions with partners

-Be recognized as a leading startup from Budapest globally

-Connect with your next business partners at the virtual Global Meetup 2022

Access to the Global Meetup

The selected startup of Get in the Ring – MVM Budapest 2022 will be invited to the Global Meetup 2022.

The Global Meetup will be filled with deal-making days with 100+ industry experts, global partners and investors with the goal to support, invest and scale unconventional solutions to global challenges.

Get in the Ring Global Meetup

The Global Meetup is the final of the Global Startup Competition of Get in the Ring. In the past, the event has been hosted in cities such as Medellin to Berlin and from Cascais to Singapore. The destination of the Global Meetup 2022 will be announced soon!

“After winning the Global Meetup 2017, we got investors’ attention and gained the recognition we needed to close a $3m fund. Being part of the Get in the Ring community has been hugely beneficial for us.”



MVM Group

MVM Group is the 3 rd largest company in Hungary, and the 13 th in Central Europe. It is a dynamic, innovative fully state-owned company group continually gaining dominance also on a regional level, acting also as the largest domestic energy knowledge centre, and through its professional competencies offering a significant contribution to the security of supply in Hungary and Central-Eastern Europe.


Get in the Ring – MVM Budapest 2022

We are calling upon startups to apply with a solution in, not exclusively:

  • CO2 capture technologies

  • energy management

  • energy efficiency with a focus on corporate/residential solutions

  • balancing renewable energies

  • battery recycling

  • customer loyalty