Global Startup Competition 2022

Get in the Ring – Vodafone Power Lab

Technological evolution brings us several challenges, for which we are looking for the best solutions! Join the biggest innovation and entrepreneurship competition and grab the opportunity to win a prize of up to €20,000, exclusive meetings with mentors, investors and potential clients and the possibility of making business partnerships.

Application deadline: 09 May 2022
Event date: 30 May 2022 - 31 May 2022
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Get in the Ring – Vodafone Power Lab is part of the Global Startup Competition 2022

At the Global Meetup 2022…


Applicants have the chance to test and prove their solutions with partners and be recognized as a leading startup on an international stage. Winning solutions will be communicated to our global network of SuperConnectors, investors, corporates and governments.


Portugal is gaining attention as the growing hub for startups in Western Europe. Its municipalities also provids dynamic support programs, allowing greater cooperation between public and private parties.


The winner of Get in the Ring Portugal earns a fully-sponsored ticket to the Global Meetup 2022, where they will join the most innovative and brightest changemakers from our Global Network – unusual suspects converging at a truly global melting pot!

Get in the Ring Global Meetup

The Global Meetup is the final of the Global Startup Competition of Get in the Ring. In the past, the event has been hosted in cities such as Medellin to Berlin and from Cascais to Singapore. The location of the Global Meetup of this year, has to be announced yet.

The winner of this event will win full sponsorship for 1 person to attend the Global Meetup.

“These competitions provide us more opportunities to meet incredible teams capable of developing the most innovative solutions”



XR Solutions

The most immersive experiences through AR, VR and MR solutions applicable to any sector, from retail to tourism

With the emergence of 5G it has become increasingly relevant to look at disruptive content consumption solutions, whether for entertainment, ecommerce or access to various services. The final customer will be able to have immersive experiences directly in their daily lives and solutions are sought in this challenge that will allow this to become mass-produced. 


Automation and Gamification

The most innovative solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning and gamification

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly applied in order to make current processes more automatic and agile. It’s increasing the importance to improve these mechanisms to further develop digital processes but also to increase the rate through which digital processes are adopted by end users. Therefore this challenge aims to gather the best solution using AI and ML, but also provide great gamification experiences.


Smart Mobility

The most disruptive solutions to optimize mobility in big cities and municipalities

Technological innovation has presented us with new ways to make mobility increasingly smarter and ecological. It is important that these solutions continue to be developed and improved, to enable scaling up them in large cities all over the world.This challenge aims to find new solutions and formats to scale them for smart mobility, taking advantage of the latest technologies.


Big Data

The most groundbreaking ideas to analyze and use Big Data for companies

Data science has become extremely relevant to the way companies analyze their strategic decisions and predict future strategies. The way they collect, process and use these same data is undoubtedly a complex issue, but it is increasingly relevant to find solutions that allow innovation in this area, bringing even more agility to the Big Data theme. Thus, this challenge aims to find solutions that increase not only the fluidity of these processes but also their efficiency.


Event Program


Welcome session by BGI and Vodafone Power Lab

Pitch Training: How to Improvise during the pitch

Pitch Training Exercise for startups

Lunch Break




Individual Meetings between startups, the partners and potential investors


Registration & Welcome Coffee Break 

Welcome Session & Get In the Ring Presentation

Get in the Ring Competition: XR Solutions 

Get in the Ring Competition: Smart Mobility 

Get in the Ring Competition: Big Data

Get in the Ring Competition: Automation & Gamification

Networking Lunch




Morning recap

Get in the Ring Semi Final

Get in the Ring Final

Innovation Talk

Winners Announcement and Closing Session

Networking Cocktail