Growing to a global phenomenon

Already in its second season, Get in the Ring was growing to a global movement. The innovative pitching concept was gathering fans in all corners of the world at an accelerating speed. In a year time, Get in the Ring grew to 32 countries with 1000+ startups from all over the world participating. The competition was fierce. Join us in looking back to the highlights of this season and success stories, including 100M+ exit of our winner.

Highlights of the Season

In 2013 Get in the Ring attracted startups from all over the world to participate in the competition. We kicked off the season in Brazil during the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013, hosted the North American Clash in Kansas City and held the first virtual semi-finals with our participants from our home base in the Netherlands.

Kicking off the season in Brazil

Get in the Ring wins the Compass Award

We launched the season of 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress.

Not only did we start our competition season, the Netherlands receiving the Compass Award for the most innovative and creative branding, with the credits going to Get in the Ring.


Take a look at Jonathan Ortmans the President of the Global Entrepreneurship Week announcing the winner of the award.

National Final

The Netherlands

The Dutch Finals of Get in the Ring 2013 was a milestone in claiming the leading position in the Netherlands entrepreneurship ecosystem.


The event took place in the Atlanta Hotel Rotterdam. Here various break-out rooms to engage with the participants were created. In the evening the final pitches from the finalists made for an exciting finale, giving the jury a hard time during their deliberation to select a winner.

Regional Final

United States

The first edition of Get in the Ring in the United States was nothing short of a big success. From Alaska to Florida, Minnesota to Missouri and many points between, the founders of U.S. startups stand ready to give it their best shot at “Get in the Ring: The American Startup Clash.”


A total of 283 U.S. entrepreneurs looking to scale their startups applied to compete in Get in the Ring. On November 18 in Kansas City eight finalists battled to convince a panel of judges that their startup is the best in the nation.

Champion jury members

Mark Ecko

Global Designer and Founder of Ecko

Jeff Hoffman

Partner and Co-founder of Color Jar

Steve Felice

President and CCO of Dell

The virtual semi-finals of 2013

For the semi-finals we had 64 finalists from all the events across the globe enter the competition with a video-pitch to kick off the selection process. Out of these 64 finalists, 8 were selected to continue unto the finals held during the Global Meetup 2013 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.




Sanitation Creations

International Thermodyne




Global Meetup 2013

Eight of the most promising startups met each other at the Global Meetup in Rotterdam. A Rock Star treatment and battles to secure an investment of up to 1 million euro in front of 4 Champion investors, and an audience that was ready to invest on the spot. Get in the Ring was the first competition in the world to offer a live crowdfunding campaign and allow visitors to directly support the most promising startups from all corners of the world.

Champion jury members

Bala Kamallakharan

CEO of GreenQloud

Ingrid Vanderveldt

Entrepreneur-In-Residence for Dell Inc.

Riku Asikainen

Founder at Evli Growth Partners

Fatih Isbecer

Founder of Pozitron

Global Winner 2013


United States – Missouri

EyeVerify is a security company that provides EyePrint ID, a biometric verification solution for mobile devices. This patented authentication solution uses existing cameras on smartphones to match the blood vessels in the whites of the eye.


Available on smartphones and tablets, the application protects data with a high entropy encryption key which is equivalent to a 50-character complex password.

After Get in the Ring

Crowned Global Winner of Get in the Ring 2013. Toby Rush, founder of Eyeverify, went on to eventually sell his company for $100m USD to Ant Financials.

In an interview with Top of Mind, Toby dives into his experience as Global Winner of Get in the Ring.

 “There is no other competition like it, It was the Olympics for Start-Ups.”


In his webinar for Global School for Entrepreneurship, Toby also shared his experience of participating in Get in the Ring and how it gave him further exposure and opportunities.

Runner ups of 2017


United States



Mindful Scientific



The Netherlands

Jinvator Biomed







This was the most fantastic startup competition I’ve ever been part of, and I have been part of a lot of them. This was amazing.


Ingrid VanderveldtChampion International Final 2013 & Entrepreneur-in-residence at Dell

Partners of 2013

Other editions of the Global Startup Competition