Warm leads in a hot Berlin

A Global Meetup in a burning hot Berlin. The city of opposites, west meets east, new meets old. And during Global Meetup 2019, small meets big, startup meets opportunity. A season that ended in a typical German setting with 3 killer battles. 2019 was the season with some valued new event partners like Inspiralia in Madrid, Cohive in Jakarta and Entrelaunch in Ottawa.

Highlights of the Season

Regional highlights

2019 the year of expected but also unexpected collaborations.The year where Global Meetup attendees started a successful crowdfunding campaign for one of the finalists. 

Get in the Ring Chengdu


In season 2019, together with STCC International Park we organized an amazing event in Chengdu, China. The startups which participated came from all kinds of industries. Some amazing examples are: natural energy drinks, a firefighting rescue helicopter, a robot software order system, a special GPS technology, a campus cinema company.


Victor Lee, from Sysale delivered the winning pitch. Sysale, makes streamline orders for corporates using artificial intelligence. By automating the process of retail, they reduce risks and cost.


Another participant, Fan Yaofang, from TianZhi ChuangKe Cinema Management Company explained that their reason to take part in the competition is because they wanted their business to scale, to continue to grow and to find business partners. According to him, the event brought exactly that, they are now in touch with several companies and believe they will be able to cooperate with them in the future.

Get in the Ring Jakarta


Get in the Ring Jakarta was a great opportunity for Indonesian startups. The organizing team of Cohive, partnered up with different ecosystem builders, among which GUE Startup Indonesia, to make sure that startups from all over Indonesia could have the opportunity to join the event. The local community was enthusiastic about the format and more than 100 attendees were present


Eventually, more than 40 startups applied from all over the country, of which 15 were invited to join the training sessions and be part of the main program. Nice surprise for them: part of the training was arranged by Gibran huzaifah – CEO of eFishery (Global Winner of Get In The Ring 2014). 


After 3 battles in which 6 finalists presented their company and product, Vestifarm proved to be the most promising solution, winning a ticket for Global Meetup.

Get in the Ring Rotterdam

The Netherlands

The city of Rotterdam has been host of Get in the Ring the Netherlands. The event closed the series of innovation activities organized in occasion of Rotterdam Unlocked, where 5 corporate and government challenges were run for 3 days. A great opportunity for startups for all over the wold to talk about business in the city of Rotterdam.


Over 120 startups applied to be part of the event. The selected startups joined us in the Van Nelle Fabriek for a day fully focused on business opportunities and networking, before ending with the famous Live Battles of Get in the Ring.


During the Live Battles, 6 startups confronted each other in 3 weight classes of Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight. In the end, each weight class had its winner: ORYX Movement Solutions, Warp Industries and Bankify.

Highlighted partners of 2019

Media highlights

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What better way to bring people together than exploring their common interests and their shared future? That is exactly what the Future Sessions were all about.

Fiskaly on their way to the Global Title

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Global Meetup 2019

Champion jury members

Eline Vrijland-van Beest

Partner BlueSparrow MedTech Fund & Founder Nightbalance

Jason Nadal

Vice President ISV & OEM for Europe, Middle East & Africa at ORACLE

Tanja Emmerling

Head of High-Tech Gründerfonds Berlin

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“The energy around this event is very different, this is a truly a global competition. The best of the best of the best around the world come here together. That’s super exciting”.


Eline Vrijland-van Beest – Champion Jury member Global Meetup 2019

Global Winners 2019


The Netherlands


A new-generation screening solution that greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of security screening processes worldwide.




Offering a unified API for fiscalization across Europe. Once integrated, it should cover the different legal requirements for all European countries.




SpotDraft is an AI driven end to contract management platform which helps businesses negotiate, sign, manage and analyse their legal documents.

Runner ups of 2019

Lightweight class


Middleweight class


Heavyweight class



If I were to write a book on my journey of Entrepreneurship,

I’d probably write a very long chapter on Get in the Ring”.


Shashank Bijapur – Founder Spotdraft, Global Heavyweight winner  2019

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