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Part of the Uniting Water Energy Food Innovation Tour – set up by Unknown Group & Dutch Dubai – Get in the Ring Asia Pacific (APAC) aim to identify the best startups and scaleups in the APAC to test, scale and prove their solutions with leading industry partners and impact investors via 1-on-1 dealmaking meetings. With 10 billion expected inhabitants by 2050, the goal is to provide a global podium to water, energy, and food solutions that are able to meet this growing demand and shape a better future for all. Check out the 12 shortlisted startups that are testing, scaling and proving their solutions at Get in the Ring APAC – Uniting Water Energy Food:


Functional Foods Pvt Ltd

Functional Foods Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in developing & manufacturing VEGAN, 100% Plant-Based, Award Winning, Unique, First-of-its-kind in the World, Ready-To-Eat Meat/Tuna/Chick’n Meal / curry range, Egg Mix, Vegan Avocado spread & Vegan Coffee premix. Their Vegan Meat alternative products help Global consumers to Eat Healthy and Stay Fit and at the same time Save the Planet, as there is no PLANet B.



Bugsolutely Thailand makes the unique, innovative Cricket Pasta, the only pasta with 20% cricket flour, and it is based in Thailand, the motherland of cricket farming, where certified cricket flour cost 3 times less than in the US and 6 times less than in Europe.


FlyBird Farm Innovations Pvt Ltd

FlyBird Farm Innovations is social impact enterprise, focused on design & manufacturing of affordable and innovative Smart Irrigation / IoT / AI products in Agriculture. FlyBird automation system monitor and control the water and fertilizer supply as per the crops /plant needs using Soil Moisture/Temperature/Humidity and various other sensors. Automation controller will prevent the under/over irrigation of water and over dosing of fertilizer or micronutrients to plants.



PEEL Lab is the next-generation material platform. They work with plant-based leather and provide manufacturing for customized products. Their business empowers corporates and brands to join the movement towards Net-Zero – being carbon neutral and not causing strain on the environment.


Grassroots Energy

Grassroots Energy offers two climate change solutions in a circular economy model: clean fuel and regenerative agricultural inputs. Grassroots Energy generates Biomethane, an ultra-low-carbon clean fuel from agricultural residues at a distributed scale that is a 100% replacement to fossil fuels without compromising on performance. We are focusing on three segments: mini grids, cooking and Industrials. The Biomethane is offered to mini grid developers to replace fossil fuels.


Luminis Water Technologies

Luminis Water Technologies is a female-led water tech startup focused on delivering metagenomic water quality solutions ranging from early disease detection to ongoing water quality tracking over time. With their proprietary algorithms and patent pending equipment, we aim to provide rapid and actionable data, which will give operators valuable time to make key decisions and divert catastrophic disease events. Their technology applies to any industry that requires the input of clean water.


Aquaria Technologies Inc.

Aquaria’s mission to democratize access to clean drinking water by harvesting the air around us. Their technology allows us to create clean drinking out of thin air. Instead of requiring water source (river, ocean, lakes), delivery (pipes, tunnels) our technology brings the point of water production to the point of consumption, creating water anywhere anytime. Many places that lack ground water are actually very humid, and we create water for < 4 cents / L.



SunGreenH2 is developing the world’s highest efficiency water electrolyser that utilizes renewable power to produce green hydrogen on-site for industries, transport and energy storage. SunGreenH2’s proprietary technology is a result of 10+ years of electrochemistry and nanotechnology research. The company is currently focused on product development and pilot projects.


Umami Meats

Umami Meats is an operator of a cell-based food production company designed to offer a healthy alternative to seafood. The company’s products are directly made from fish cells and tissue, enabling the production of affordable, delicious cell-cultured seafood and meat with a low-cost, high-performance serum-free media and novel marine cell lines.



SEPPURE is a CleanTech startup that has developed transformative technology for separation and filtration applications. Our chemical-resistant nanofiltration membranes have nanosized pores to separate chemicals at a molecular level without heat. By promising a more sustainable alternative to conventional energy-intensive thermal processes, SEPPURE’s technology helps customers reduce their energy consumption and GHG emissions by 90% and
lower their operating costs by up to 50%.


Nanospan India Private Limited

Nanospan, founded in 2016, innovates in Disruptive, Decarbonizing material technologies for Energy Storage and Construction Tech aimed at sustainable living. Their goal is to offer these industries, the environment and society, a choice of cutting-edge material products that can counter the challenge of climate change and carbon footprints in a practical manner.


Accuro Limited

Accuro Limited amplifies Nature’s aging progress letting you create mature wines and spirits in a fraction of the time.


Vortex Power Systems

Vortex Power Systems is an innovative technology to turn wasted heat into electricity.


Hoow Foods Pte Ltd 

Hoow Foods Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based DeepTech Startup that harnesses Artificial Intelligence and our deep knowledge of foods and ingredients to develop Healthy & Sustainable foods without compromising taste and texture.


Uravu Labs

Uravu Labs builds a 100% renewable water solution which sources freshwater from inexhaustible supply of atmospheric humidity and is powered completely by renewable energy. Their 100% renewable water technology can reduce dependence of industries and communities on non-renewable groundwater.



WeavAir enables the creation of new job and revenue opportunities for contractors by empowering them with data they can use to serve their customers remotely and more effectively. It provides continuous data-driven solution composed of multi-sensor IoT devices that measure HVAC & building operations to enable fast & accurate decisions that save 20-60% of energy, 60% of operation and maintenance costs while creating new revenue streams.


Sophie’s BioNutrients

Sophie’s BioNutrients is developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae.
We have a proprietary strain of microalgae which can grow in a fermentation tank, be fed on various food waste, and could be harvested in just 3 days. Their microalgae has 60% of protein which has high quality essential amino acids profile, exceeding WHO requirements for protein products.


Indi Energy

Indi Energy is developing Sodium ion batteries using locally available bio-wastes like Rice straw and cattle manure and earth abundant materials like Sodium that deliver similar performance as compared to Li-ion batteries (LFP) but at lower cost. Indi Energy’s Sodium ion batteries also deliver 3-4 times more energy density and cyclability than currently commercialized lead acid batteries at similar costs. Currently, no company in India manufacture Sodium ion cells due to lack of viable technolog.


AI Genix International

AI Genix International is a developer of pest management and sustainable farming technologies designed to address the global hunger threat and food security issue. The company’s platform provides products and technologies for plant protection and sustainable farming to protect and manage crops and plants grown in commercial farms and backyards, enabling farmers to produce quality, toxic pesticide residue-free food and enhance the yield by optimizing the use of available resources.


Reverso Energy Private Limited

Reverso Energy has enhanced a technology that converts any kind of plastic scrap to fuel without creating any secondary pollution. This fuel can further flitered/ distilled to EURO VI category. We have a 5 tons per day conversion plant in Mumbai – India.



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Inventocean Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Inventocean is a company dedicated to the transition to offshore renewable energy. They provide advanced engineering solutions for sustainable ocean technologies such as floating solar and floating offshore wind farms. They have developed innovative offshore floating wind platform that is easy to fabricate, can be towed at the site and installed without any specialised fleet of vessels. They have provided innovative mooring and anchoring solutions for sevelor floating solar projects in India.


Sea Green

Sea Green is an integrated, end-to-end solution harnessing the potential of seaweed aquaculture to develop coastal community resilience, mitigate climate change and deliver food security.


Congratulations to the shortlisted startups! The winning solution will be recognized as a leading impact business on an international stage, at Expo 2020 Dubai, in front of thousands of investors, corporates, and governments.