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Being a successful startup often means having the newest and most innovative idea that no other has thought of before. But for, the story is a little different.

In 2015, started a job platform in Colombia. But their idea does not involve a new innovative technology use. Rather the opposite. They reach their users through low-tech technology like SMS and e-mails.

The blue collar workers of Colombia
In Colombia the majority of the working population does not have access to higher education, and for many of them this results in limited work options. These people are often left with a lower income and therefore have limited access to the newest technology and resources. Therefore finding work through the typical job platforms can be challenging.

This was the problem the founders Alejandro Ordóñez and Sebastián Palomares decided to address.

“We found that we could make a platform where the workers could find work for free and they could access this platform easily”. – Alejandro Ordóñez, founder.

By using ordinary and accessible technology, like SMS and e-mail, became accessible even for those without a smartphone or regular access to the Internet. Thereby, they created an innovative solution with the use of old technology.

More than easy access
Creating this job platform did not only address the matter of availability. Around half of the jobs offered in Colombia are non-legal. This means that the workers do not have social security, health insurance or a retirement plan.

However on, Alejandro and Sebastián ensure that only legal jobs are offered by calling each company to make sure their offers guarantee the workers’ rights. In that way they ensure a better life for the workers of Colombia.

“We are helping people to find good jobs that match what they are looking for and taking into account what they really know and are good at with companies that are going to pay for their health coverage, social security and everything they need”. – Alejandro Ordóñez, founder.


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Visions that grow
Already available throughout Colombia and over 400,000 users, aims to be the best job platform for blue collar workers in Latin America. However, this is not all they see in the future for their job platform.

Since the working culture of Latin America is very similar to that in Africa and Asia, the founders could easily see their business model be applied in these areas, and thereby create impact to blue collar workers across continents.

But before they can do all that they believe in first focusing on becoming the best in Colombia.

“We want to understand what we do really well, and once we have that done, then we will start looking for new places to go to”. – Alejandro Ordóñez, founder.