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Located in Massachusetts, the capital of Boston is the largest metropolitan area in the state. It’s home to many universities, among which are well-known names such as Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The strong focus on tech-orientated startups with many new innovations being launched from this city made us to challenge American startups that are ready to make work safer, healthier, and more productive. Check out the 8 shortlisted startups that will test, scale and prove their solutions at Get in the Ring Boston – Workforce Technologies:

Cell Podium

Cell Podium is a developer of patented m-health products and services for public health and emergency preparedness through mobile multimedia campaigns and augmented reality training.

Solution: Their mobile e-learning services and mobile multimedia technology are tackling emergency situations and safety concerns.

Iterate Labs 

Iterate Labs maximizes workforce productivity, safety, and turnover through digitized motion and AI. Their proprietary smartwatch platform connect workers and their movements to the factory and relevant KPI’s in real-time to provide increased visibility.

Their solution regularly helps customers to reduce musculoskeletal injuries by 30%+, improve live efficiency and cycle time by 10%+, and reduce turnover by 30% or more.


Moodbit is a people analytics solution helping organizations to make better people decisions by bridging the People-Data gap, improving engagement, productivity and retention. Using Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, they provide real-time analytics for managers and HR on their teams engagement scores. Additionally, based on data collected, they provide weekly recommendations to improve employees’ wellbeing, health, and productivity.

Solution: Moobit supports organizations and managers to improve happiness in the workplace, by connecting with their employees remotely, and incrementing disengagement and turnover.


myQuest is an action-based learning platform that delivers real, engaged learning. By creating meaningful learning experiences, bolstered by feedback, coaching, and peer mentorship, the startup is supporting people to learn more effectively in less time.

Solution: Their solutions helps companies to improve employee performance and productivity, and translate learning into business results.

Nextera Robotics 

Nextera Robotics programs and deploys large fleets of industrial robotic arms and mobile robots. They use Deep Learning at every step to maximize the efficiency and value to their clients.

Their solution is contributing to eliminate low productivity, extensive waste, and damage to nature in the construction industry.

StrongArm Tech is a safety science company for the betterment of Industrial Athletes™, to keep them safe and healthy on the job. StrongArm uses a wearable sensor to capture on-body data, provide real-time feedback during risky movements, and determine where and when risk/injury is most likely to occur.

Solution: Their all-inclusive risk management platform ensures workers are proud, protected, and productive.

Tulip is a no-code, IoT-native, application platform for the frontline operations. They are democratizing technology and empowering people to perform complex tasks.

Their solution is able to digitally transform operations and gain real-time visibility into the people, machines and processes involved in production. Their goal is to help people do a better job, putting the latest technologies to work on their behalf, thus improving team productivity, quality of the output and operational efficiency.

Voxy EnGen

Voxy EnGen is a career-focused, virtual English language platform for organizations and employers working with immigrants and refugees. They provide innovative technology to upskill and empower language learners for the jobs of the future.

Solution: In doing so, they solve two problems at once: enable New Americans with English skills—the key to integration and economic advancement—while addressing systemic talent shortages and preparing workforces for the jobs of the future.


Congratulations to the 8 shortlisted startups! The winning solution will join the brightest changemakers at the Workforce Technologies Final during the Global Meetup 2022, and will get access to the Unknown Group Workforce Technologies venture engine — our co-innovation network where we connect solution providers with the network of 30+ affiliated industry partners.