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As the world is becoming digitalized, we are spending more time shopping online than in the regular brick and mortar stores. At the same time population is growing older, but start thinking about their retirement once they hit their 40s. Can you imagine yourself clicking on your favorite Zara dress and putting some money aside for your pension account? This would never happen in real life… Well, now oneM makes saving for the future easier with one click!

OneM is the winner from Get in the Ring Monaco. The German startup wants to give middle class of society a new way to save money for their retirement without even noticing! So what is the easiest way to make people save money and keep on buying their favorite sneakers online? We sat down with the co-founder of oneM Alexander Kern to learn more on this interesting topic.

Alexander has always been passionate about the ways to stabilize the mid-class with new revenue streams. He even did a Ph.D. on the topic at Harvard! At the same time in Germany, Wolfgang (the other co-founder) was having similar ideas while working in the fund development sector. The duo were friends for quite some time and decided to work on a mutual cause. Together they came up with the solution to introduce a cashback system designed in a way that helps people save for their retirement. Instead of people receiving the cash back from online shopping, oneM is giving it back to society. This way people are easily saving a couple of thousand euros over the span of their lives.

It is probably easier to explain how oneM works with a simple example. First, you need to go to oneM’s website and register by choosing retirement insurance as a product of interest. Then you have the opportunity to choose from a list of more than 100 brands where you can do your shopping. Voila! You are getting the latest fashionable clothes and saving for your future. As people are spending on average 400 euros a month in online stores, they can get back 10% out of the amount and oneM puts it in a retirement insurance for them.

OneM is in their pre-launching stage but that doesn’t keep them from dreaming big. Their first goal is to reach 100K users. A reasonable and feasible number considering the 43 mln potential clients out there. Even this first step will make the startup highly profitable and secures them with enough capital to invest in future development. The business model is simple but it works.

“If on average we are keeping 4 euro a month from each customer, that multiplied by 100k users will be 400k a month revenue, at a very low operation costs.”

OneM wants to focus mainly on retirement insurance and to keep their business as lean as possible. Currently, their target market is Germany but soon it will also grow in other non-German speaking countries!

As any startup, there are multiple challenges in front of oneM. At a pre-launching stage, anything could go wrong or be a problem. As their website is almost ready to operate, oneM needs capital investment to make their retirement solution work. With this investment, they can dedicate a significant budget on marketing and popularize their product. But don’t think advertising is not in their blood! Soon oneM will receive a broad media coverage just wait and soon you will see them on your local TV.

OneM is about to change the ways we look at saving and retirement insurance but not without your help! They are looking for capital investors to grow their startup! If you are a passionate investor or you simply want to spend and save, reach out and we will connect you. OneM is the only startup that allows you to buy but makes you richer!

OneM will be part of our Global Conference from 17th to 19th of May in Singapore! Do you want to meet oneM in person? Join the Global Conference at