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From the Sustainable Industry Challenge Final in Groningen to raising $6.2 million in seed one year later, Carbo Culture has made all the right noises to close a financing round led by Silicon Valley’s True Ventures, Cherry Ventures from Europe, and the Swiss Übermorgen Ventures. Future plans include investing the new funding into team & product development, as well as launching one of the largest CO2 removal facilities in Europe. 

The Sustainable Industry Challenge Chemport Europe edition — set up by Economic Board Groningen, TopDutch, and Unknown Group — aimed to develop a flourishing green chemical sector by calling on innovative companies that contribute to making the recycling, hydrogen, and green chemistry industries more sustainable. More than 200 companies from 33 countries have applied to create a sustainable chemical production chain, grab the €100.000 prize, and gain invaluable access to the biggest international industrial companies in the Chemport Europe region. Out of all applications, Carbo Culture was selected as a finalist for the Green Chemistry Challenge launched by ESD-SIC. The challenge owner, ESD-SIC, is an industrial company which stands out as the world’s most environmentally friendly and most energy-efficient producer of silicon carbide. Their goal for this challenge was to collaborate with innovative ventures that are able to develop sustainable biocoke from bio-based raw materials.

Founded in 2017 by Henrietta Moon, Sam Van Wesenbeeck & Chris Carstens, Helsinki’s Carbo Culture is repurposing biomass waste (e.g. woody residues) into high quality biocarbon to sequester CO2 for more than 1000 years. Their patented process is keeping carbon out of the atmosphere by transforming it into valuable materials.

News on investments in Get in the Ring alumni are inspiring us to continue unlocking the talent of the world for the challenges that need to be solved in the next 10 years. We wish Carbo Culture best of luck in their ambitious mission to remove a gigaton of CO2 by 2030!

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