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In a fast world, technological advancements happen with such an overwhelming speed that neither Moore’s law can keep up. As this brings in a huge boost in efficiency and productivity, new challenges arise as well.

Problem Statement: What can we do with all this information? On one hand, the interconnectivity is increasing, on the other hand it’s making every day processes increasingly complex.¬†Various solutions arise to solve this challenge, but how can we make it as simple (e.g user-friendly) as possible? While many companies are focusing on one piece of the puzzle, combining all pieces together is a challenging task.

Scope for Innovation: The solution to this lays in the industry 4.0. An industry beyond imagination, where everything is connected and communicated within the production and manufacturing line. By combining the strength of each innovation the impact can be increased. Bringing together condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, embedded analytics, and real-time message brokers in an optimized manner it’s possible now. With 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling communication between technologies it’s enhancing the strength of each solution. The digital application of the industry 4.0 consists of analysing and identifying whereafter the software is able to solve your challenge.

Our Solution of the Week, Cerexio is a Singapore-based company which is able to provide tailor-made solutions for any challenge you might encounter. By combining the latest technological innovations, Cerexio stands out as one of the first companies that is able to optimize complex manufacturing processes, while keeping an overview of it, and transforming any organization into a smart organization. Their solutions can be adapted to various industries. From smart cities to banking & finance, healthcare & pharma, telecom & media, and others. No challenge can keep this daring startup from leaving a positive impact in the world.