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Being a winning startup does not necessarily mean that you have to have the biggest revenue, the most customers or the largest team. Instead what is most important is that you have a business model with potential to scale. That’s what ExactCure showed at Get in the Ring BA06.

ExactCure was founded in April 2017, and is therefore a new fish in the pond. But even so, they had heard about the Get in the Ring event happening in their region and decided to participate.

From generic to personalized
Even though just established, the idea of the innovation has been on the drawing board for a long time. Co-founder Frédéric Dayan, has a background within bio-modelling in the pharma industry, where he used bio-modelling to determine the effects of drugs on a large scale. Frédéric thought:

What if I can use this technology for everyday life and for the individual person?”

He started doing research with the help of Inria, and after 2 years he was ready with the innovation that functions as the base for ExactCure: the Digital Twin. The Digital Twin is a personalized digital model for each patient, allowing you to monitor in real time the behavior of a drug in your body.

Imagine Jenny
Jenny has a chronic inflammation of joints. As a consequence, she cannot drive or walk when she suffers a crisis. She takes her anti-inflammatory drug in the morning at 7:30, and ExactME on her mobile device shows her that the drug will be efficient at 8:15. She can drive her car and do some shopping. However, she will have to go back home before 11:30 when the drug level goes under the efficacy threshold. If she stays downtown she will not be able to drive back because of pain. With the help of the ExactME application she can simulate her entire day from the moment she takes her medication.


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Entering the ring
Not really knowing what to expect, ExactCure was pleasantly surprised about what they got out of the experience:

“Of course we went there to get visibility and if possible international visibility, but more than that we experienced great coaching on how to behave on stage, which was very valuable to us” – Fabien Astic, Co-founder of ExactCure

As a company, ExactCure is still in the early process of finding potential customers, getting funding and testing its product. But nonetheless, their idea and business plan was enough to convince the jury and make them the lightweight winner.

Future of Digital Twin
Right now ExactCure is only focusing on the medical area, but in the future they can see the Digital Twin being used for many health-related areas such as food, activities, etc.

If you are interested in connecting with ExactCure, please contact