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Straight from Japan, Hiroki Imabayashi and EAGLYS are creating a connected world by securing data. They create value for customers and their clients by securing data and assuring privacy, while at the same time allowing the direct customer to have access to, exchange, and safely process data that would otherwise be inaccessible or heavily redacted.  

EAGLYS’s technology allows for processing over encrypted data, without ever decrypting it – a game changer for financial institutions to process customer data while assuring customer privacy. This allows for greater precision in analysis of data and machine learning model creation. Their solutions are compatible with any segments that deal with sensitive and confidential information.

Their solution is enabling customers to process private data that they would not be able to access, or exchange previously. EAGLYS is helping them to widen their insights as well as customer base, while preserving the confidentiality of their clients in turn.

Valuation Category: Heavyweight+ ($10,000,000 – $30,000,000)

Awards Won: ICT SPRING EUROPE 2019, Forbes RISING STAR 2019, TechSirius 2019, 未来 2019, EY Innovative Startup 2020, Japan Venture Awards 2020.


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Hiroki and EAGLYS are finalists at the culmination of our year-long startup competition with 100+ international events – the Global Meetup 21. Wanna see them in action? It’s privacy vs compliance intelligence in battle of the most promising fintech ventures. Reserve your ticket for the final battle premiere on April 21

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