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Media is the most powerful tool to convey a message or speak about a problem in a creative and engaging way. A team of young enthusiasts teamed up to create Filmedia Entertainment – a company that is changing Sudanese media for good. The startup wants to open the door to the creative and innovative youth of Sudan to unleash their imagination. By reaching out to international viewers the company also wants to change the negative image of Sudan around the world!  

What is Filmedia Entertainment and can it set a powerful message in a miniseries about daily life? Today we are together with Sarrah Kheir, the general manager of Filmedia to get the answers to all of these questions.

Filmedia produces short films, vines, mini e-series, documentaries, photo shoots, sketches, events, media campaigns, and advertisements. The startup wants to help young artists to manifest their talents and reach a wider audience. All of their videos are entertaining yet they all have a clear message behind them that aims to improve social behavior and to change negative attitudes and habits.

The startup has already given a platform for more than 20 talented people to show what they’ve got. Also, Filmedia is working on a show specifically targeting females and addressing day-to-day problems that young girls in Khartoum have to deal with. It is entertaining but there is also a strong message behind it.


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The startup is only 1 year old but already foresees its success. Filmedia is being approached by big companies in Sudan to create their marketing and production! The “baby” startup is not far away from setting their foot down on the Sudanese market. They can set their voice louder because they’ve reached half of their target audience of 150 thousand followers. An impressive accomplishment in only one year!

To some, the obstacles that Filmedia is facing might sound trivial but for the startup, the biggest challenge is actually to get their equipment! Due to several sanctions on trade, it is difficult for the startup to get cameras and other filming equipment. Nevertheless, there is nothing that would stop the enthusiastic team to put their mark on Sudanese media and they take this challenge with a smile!

Filmedia is looking for the expertise of people in the media industry – a person “been there, done that”. Also, they are looking for capital to grow faster and produce more and more content for their numerous audience! Can you contribute to the emerging new Sudanese media? Contact us at and we’ll put you through! And don’t forget to support Filmedia Entertainment by following their Facebook media page.