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Our data is more and more in the virtual place. We use clouds and drives to store our most precious moments and information. Quite often profiles get hacked and everything is in the out and about. Now imagine this massive amount of information on a corporate level. Data must be protected! Good thing there is FireLayers

FireLayers was one of the finalists of the Global Final in Medellin this year. It recently got acquired by Proofpoint, a leading company in the security industry, for 55 million dollars. We sat together with the CEO and co-founder Yair Grindlinger to learn more about this exciting news!

FireLayers created a platform that acts as a shield between the user and the cloud applications. It monitors the entire traffic and analyzes each action performed by the user. Customers can gain back the visibility and the control they missed when they were migrating to the cloud. Their product was selling successfully in the US, Western Europe and Central America.

After the Global Final FireLayers was aiming to raise funds. Very soon they received a couple of funding and acquisition offers! One of them was Proofpoint, an American cybersecurity company with more than 4000 happy customers worldwide, specialized in cloud solutions. Undoubtedly Proofpoint was a good fit for the startup.

“We didn’t go for the highest offer but for the company we really liked. Proofpoint is great, their products are fantastic and the synergy between us is wonderful.”

After the acquisition, all of the team members continued on working for Proofpoint, building the cloud solution and integrating it with the Proofpoint technology!

FireLayers already has a successful exit but they are not about to stop innovating any time soon. They are expecting to grow Proofpoint in Israel and to bring additional exiting products on the market. Currently, Proofpoint is focused on medium to large enterprises but why not grow into individual customers? Surely it will be a step for the company.

FireLayers is now part of a large community but still in a search of talented people. They are hiring developers and super skilled security research people. Are you the person they are looking for? Contact us and we can get you through!