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Today ImpactCity The Hague and Unknown Group announced their collaboration to bring a new Get in the Ring Impact Competition to cities across Europe.

Driving innovations for a better world and providing entrepreneurs with opportunities to reach a bigger audience, access to funding and scale their business is part of ImpactCity’s mission.

This new competition will focus on ‘doing good & doing business’ by giving startups with impact solutions the opportunity to compete for a convertible loan of up to €500k, a chance to test their solution with partners through the vast network of ImpactCity and Get in the Ring and to be recognized as a leading impact startup or scaleup on an international stage.

Focused on pushing innovations that work towards the Sustainable Development Goals, competitors will have to convince an international panel of judges how their innovation will contribute to solving the global challenges we face in the field of food, health, water, energy, responsible production and consumption, climate and humanitarian need.

Preliminary rounds kick off in The Hague (NL), Geneva (CH), Oslo (NO), Lisbon (PT), Berlin (DE) and Copenhagen (DK). These will be held between April and September 2020. Together with these cities, ImpactCity The Hague continues building a thriving impact ecosystem that goes beyond borders.

The winners of each of these rounds will be invited to the Impact Finals, taking place during ImpactFest in October 2020. ImpactFest is Europe’s biggest impact meetup, bringing together 1600+ impact makers from around the world, providing the perfect setting for startups and scaleups to make meaningful connections and crown the global winner of the competition.

Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen, director Get in the Ring (part of Unknown Group):

“We live in challenging times, and challenging times call for unconventional solutions. With our competition, we want to support impact startups that have these unconventional solutions, in order to grow and scale internationally. We help them to think beyond borders and connect them to relevant partners in order to test and prove their solutions.”

“The Hague is a great example of a city that is dedicated to support impact startups with the facilities, network and clients they need to scale. We are very pleased to expand this infrastructure of ImpactCity to an international level with the Impact Competition”

Alderman Saskia Bruines of The Hague:

“With Get in the Ring Impact Competition, impact startups and scaleups are provided with an incredible opportunity to take the next step. Get in the Ring provides them with the right network of investors, corporates and other partners to scale successfully. And I believe that’s how we should put ‘doing good & doing business’ into practice.”

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About Get in the Ring, by Unknown Group
Get in the Ring is a global startup competition identifying unconventional solutions from startups in all corners of the world and linking them to challenges of city- and industry partners to test and prove their solutions. Get in the Ring and beat the challenge. Get in the Ring is part of Unknown Group.

About ImpactCity
The Hague is the city for entrepreneurs who want to build a better world. As ImpactCity The Hague offers a wide range of opportunities and services to entrepreneurs with innovative impact ideas. The city encourages “doing good & doing business” in all kinds of ways with practical help: assistance with settling, startup hubs, possibilities for financing, a lively and knowledgeable network and a great infrastructure. With figureheads like the Peace Palace, the International Court of Justice, Europol and the International Criminal Court, The Hague is worldwide known as the international city of peace and justice. Every day, tens of thousands of people in The Hague are working towards a better future. New participants from all corners of the world come to The Hague to solve global challenges. Together they work, share their knowledge and develop new ideas for a better world.