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On April 16th, Hargol Foodtech announced it has closed another funding round of 3 million USD. After being crowded as the Global Winner of Get in the Ring 2017, the Israelian startup kept on scaling their grasshopper business and raised up to 5 million USD to date.  

Hargol Foodtech has transformed grasshoppers from a farmer’s worst nightmare into a sustainable, high-quality protein ready for commercial farming. Before Hargol, grasshoppers were not available year-round, and cultivating them was a lengthy, costly process, not yet attempted on a commercial scale.

Hargol FoodTech participated in the global startup competition of Get in the Ring in 2017. Out of Israel they fought their way to the finals during the Global Meetup 2017, hosted in Singapore, and claimed victory in the Middleweight class. 

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