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On August 13, it was announced that eFishery have successfully raised an undisclosed amount in a Series B round lead by Northstar Group and Go-Ventures.

After being crowned as the winner of the Get in the Ring Global Startup Competition in 2014, eFishery captured the fish farming market in Indonesia and have expanded to neighboring countries. In this period, they have exhibited substantial growth, evolving into an end-to-end platform providing fish and shrimp farmers with access to feed, financing and markets.

eFishery dominated their weight class in their Get in the Ring national finals in Surabaya, Indonesia in 2013. This cleared their path to the regional finals and finally to the Global Meetup 2014 in Rotterdam, where they were the overwhelming audience and jury member favorite, earning the title of Winner.

Over the years, eFishery’s Founder, Gibran Huzaifah has been a close ally of Get in the Ring, even appearing on the Unknown Stories podcast for a special episode in October 2020.



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