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Get in the Ring Bilbao is bringing the most promising Spanish impact startups in the food domain and relevant scaling partners together for the matchmaking day as an initiative of ICEX. The best solutions will then have the opportunity to gain exposure and prove themselves in front of hundreds of corporates, governments, and impact investors at the Food4Future Summit during our iconic pitch battle in the Ring. The two chosen solutions will get a ticket to the Global Meetup 2022 to meet their next business partners and get a chance to scale their solutions worldwide.

During the matchmaking day 13 startups who are working on solutions in the food domain will get a chance to have 1-1 meetings with 9 partners who can provide them with opportunities and connections to scale their business. Each of the startups will have the chance to explore potential collaborations with up to 4 partners.

We are delighted to present you the participating startups for this year’s Get in the Ring Bilbao Matchmaking day;

Alimentos Sanygran 

What they do: Alimentos Sanygran is a texturized plant-based protein manufacturer offering a wide range of products.

Their impact: They have 3 technologies in-house: Dry extrusion (powder, ingredients for forming burgers, nuggets, dehydrated filets), High moisture Extrusion (meat or fish analogues, soy based or pea based) and Veggian (exclusive technology developed for minced shaped products with NO allergens, high plant proteins and using upcycled vegetables).



What they do: BioCoat is on a mission to reduce food waste and contribute to a circular economy. 

Their impact: Bio2coat’s technology consists of an 100% natural edible coating, tailored to extend the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables without changing the organoleptic characteristics and the nutritional value of those products.


Bread  Free

What they do:They can manufacture gluten-free flour that can generate final products such as bread, pastries, cookies or pasta. Bread Free has achieved a lab-scale prototype: the first gluten-free wheat bread. 

Their impact: Their technology will be applied also to other cereals (barley, rye), by-products of the beer industry and to vegan gluten-free meat.


Feltwood Ecomateriales

What they do: They develop technologies to produce ecological industrial materials, composed of 100% vegetable fibers, using agricultural waste products; thus becoming a real alternative to plastic, wood and agglomerates, with several applications. Their materials are fully biodegradable, recyclable and compostable.

Their impact: They reuse and upcycle the waste produced from agriculture and vegetable processing. They also  provide a biodegradable and sustainable alternative to polluting and toxic industrial materials.


Healthy Food Iberica

What they do: They make solid fatty ingredients from olive oil for the food industry. Their main product for this program is called VERDEO EVO, a more unsaturated technical fat that makes a replacement for other saturated fats such as coconut or palm.

Their impact: They work towards improving the nutritional profile of processed products​.



What they do: Ingredalia is a start-up created to enable scale-up development and market of natural and functional ingredients, developed from fruit and vegetable by-products obtained from agri-food companies (mainly from the canning and frozen products industry).

Their impact: Activity of the company is done using CRM, so it’s outsourced, while it’s preparing its own facility for production which will include a pilot plant for extraction using solid / liquid, liquid / liquid, and membrane technology.


Innomy labs

What they do: Innomy is a B2B company developing alternative protein food based on mycelium. They use fungal cells and tissues to achieve the structures without further processing and no additives.

Their impact: Their product is high in protein, immune boosting, high in antioxidants, cholesterol free and anticarcinogenic. Their fungal tissue replicates the texture to meat without the need to use binding polymers such as dimethyl cellulose or carrageenan.


Mimic Foods

What they do: Mimic Seafood is a startup whose main focus is to help save the oceans through food. They make natural, healthy, tasty, plant-based alternatives to seafood.

Their impact: Their products are based on natural ingredients that consumers are familiar with and substitute perfectly for common seafood such as raw tuna.


MOA Foodtech

What they do: They combine biotechnology and artificial intelligence to transform waste and by-products of the agri-food industry into a ”next generation protein” with high nutritional value and 100% sustainable.

Their impact: With biotechnology they produce sustainable food, maximizing the process efficiency of creating protein.


NUCAPS technology

What they do: Nucaps® offers a new encapsulation technology for the industrial development of Nanocapsules and Biocapsules for bioactives and probiotics. Their international patents of bioavailable capsules with natural proteins, personalized and free of conservatives, achieve the protection and improvement of the resulting active compounds, with greater efficiency and stability.

What their impact: Nucaps improves people’s health as we help to produce better food, supplements and drugs by making nutritional and bioactive ingredients stable, easy to absorb, healthy and natural.



What they do: Oscillum is a biotechnological company that develops sensors for the agri-food industry. Oscillum has developed SmartLabel, a smart label that is placed in contact with food and is capable of alerting about the state of decomposition/freshness of that product through a simple color change.

Their impact: The label is conceived as a functional material and with it we intend to reduce food waste without harming the health of consumers.



What they do: They offer different varieties of organic aged plant based cheeses made of cashew nuts. These cheeses contain only 3 basic ingredients: organic cashew nuts, Himalayan salt and probiotics. Therefore they are a healthier, more sustainable alternative to traditional cheese

Their impact: Therefore they are a healthier, more sustainable alternative to traditional cheese.


Zyrcular Foods

What they do: ​Zyrcular Foods is a global provider for sustainable solutions on alternative protein. Zyrcular Foods imagines, develops, produces, distributes and assesses over new sources of protein.

Their impact: They create local products with a global scope, under a sustainable, healthy, fully integrated and completely open business model. They distribute top worldwide brands to complement their portfolio.


During the matchmaking day, the startups met with partners from leading companies in the FoodTech domains. We’re grateful for all the partners that joined us to help scale FoodTech solutions and solve global challenges: The Languages of Energy, , Regenio, BGI, Venture Planner, EIT Food, IFU International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association, Buhler Group, Unknown Group. They shared their expertise with impact ventures to help test, scale, and prove their solutions internationally. 

Next step, the most promising solutions will go head to head at the Food4Future Summit during our iconic pitch battle in the Ring on May 17th, and the two chosen solutions will get a free ticket to the Global Meetup 2022! The winner will be announced on May 18th. 

The Global Meetup brings together all of our global startup winners. We provide matchmaking sessions, pitch training, and networking opportunities over the course of a three-day event to nominate the finalists that will get in the ring. Over 500 global partners, policymakers and investors will be joining with the goal to support, invest and scale unconventional solutions to global challenges. During a spectacular show, these finalists will compete for the title of Global Winner.