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On September 16, 8 promising Turk startups faced off in the 5th iteration of Get in the Ring Cyberpark. Located again in Bilkent CYBERPARK in Türkyie’s capital city Ankara, Özgür Aksuna returned to his post as the ringmaster. The atmosphere, excitement, and effort that startups put into their pitches were second to none.

This competition saw eight companies, with a varied focus ranging from the metaverse to health tech. These brave entrepreneurs attempted to impress the jury with their products and services. Through intense rounds of 1-minute pitches, they explained why their start-up was the superior one. For this year’s GITR Cyberpark event, we were joined by the founders of Bixbyte Technology, IOBES Technology, Mecra Software (RadiusTech), Mikroliz Bioteknoloji, Miraclepass, MutfakZone, Senyorapp, and Wisersense Information Technologies. These eight entrepreneurs faced off against one another in heated Get on the Ring style pitches. However, only two founders made it to the Finals.

In the last round, Mikrolitz and Wisersense faced off against one another to achieve glory in the Ring. Miktrolitz Biyoteknoloji is a preclinical-stage biotech company that treats multidrug-resistant bacterial infections. Their specialised phages are viruses that only target and kill selectively chosen bacteria. With more than 1500 different phages to fight ESKAPE pathogens and other life-threatening bacterial infections, the startup is consistently developing to grow its range of phages. On the other side of the ring stood Wisersense. This end-to-end smart machine health monitoring startup offers a service for early detection of mechanical problems, operational improvements, and personnel safety. Their sensor solutions increase production, decrease downtime, and increase the end product quality. This effectively makes their clients operate more efficiently. While both companies came up with outstanding pitches and a vision toward a better tomorrow, there can only be one winner.


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And the winner for Get in the Ring Cyberpark 2022 is Wisersense Information Technologies! Congratulations to ring pitcher Burak Bağci and CEO Kadem Berker Yasar for their victory in the ring. Next, they will be the Turk representative at the Global Meetup. For their time and deliberation during the event, we would like to thank our jury members: Presidency of Republic of Türkiye Digital Transformation Office President Ali Taha Koç, Bilkent CYBERPARK General Manager Faruk İnaltekin, Bilkent University TTO Director Atilla Hakan Özdemir, Cerebrum Tech Founder Erdem Erkul, ArkSigner Co-Founder Özlem Kahramaner, KOSGEB Head of Department Mehmet Görkem Gürbüz and Limatek General Manager Canan Okutanoğlu.

Lastly, a special thanks to our Main Sponsor Cerebrum Tech, our Golden Sponsor BilgeAdam Technology, and our silver sponsors Ark Signer, Code2, and HOP for their support during the event.


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