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This week, we put a spotlight on work-related health problems. Injuries and illnesses, whether sudden or gradual, can lead to long lasting issues, which represent a challenge for workers, employers and insurers. 

Problem Statement: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) is one of the biggest work-related health problems. It leads to sick leave, loss of productivity and has major consequences on long term for employees. It is a well-known problem for individuals, Health and Safety organizations, companies, healthcare, and insurers. For example, according to the United States Department of Labor, 80 million people in the US are suffering from MSD. Additionally, the associated employer costs are estimated to be $45 billion per year.

Scope for Innovation: Increasingly powerful data solutions combined with the uprise of wearable technologies in this domain have led to a number of different solutions to help prevent and cure work-related injuries. From smart textiles that measure vital signs, to exoskeletons that improve upper-body strength, and clip-ons that stimulate proper posture, workers receive support from innovative companies. 

Our Solution of the Week aims to measure and report on muscle strain that can lead to long lasting injuries. PRECURE interprets this data to alert the user and allow preventive action to mitigate the negative effects of the strain. Their smart wearables collect muscle activity and movement data used to nudge the employee to modify behaviors, and thus help reduce the risk of MSD. Based on the data, the company receives a detailed analysis to identify root causes and improvement potential to prevent MSD in the workplace. The Danish startup already developed a solution for the elbow and is currently busy wrapping up development on their wearable for the lower back.