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With this program, a chosen Get in the Ring finalist would have the opportunity to ‘test like the best’ and validate their solution during Innofest’s testing program, culminating in real-life testing at a festival.

Nine out of ten innovations fail because a prototype has not been sufficiently tested before it goes to market. To further strengthen the proposition towards participating startups of the Get in the Ring Impact Competition, we partnered up with Innofest, the leading catalyst of festival-driven innovation. 

Seven of Europe’s leading impact startups that were participating in the Impact Competition were offered to join this program – B’ZEOS (Norway), U Impact (Germany), RePack (Norway), Solardew (Netherlands), iCEEP, Alver and SmartHelio (Switzerland).

With a series of virtual workshops given by the Innofest test experts, the chosen impact solutions were given a peek behind the scenes of Innofest’s testing methodologies and validation techniques. In this way, Get in the Ring aided these ventures to further improve their product or service and take the next step towards a successful market launch.

The aforementioned festival was none other than ImpactFest, Europe’s biggest impact meetup. Held in The Hague on November 4, 2021, ImpactFest was attended by 1500 investors, founders, corporates and governments.  

Following a selection process with the experienced Innofest test experts together with Get in the Ring, Alver was selected to test their innovation at ImpactFest 2021! Using the microalgae ‘golden chlorella’, Alver develops healthy and sustainable high-quality products – a vegan protein that champions sustainable food production and food security for a growing population.


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At ImpactFest, Alver gathered data from attendees on their overall food supplements habits, such as; consumer habits on buying natural food supplements, consumer buying frequency and preferred products that consumers have a higher willingness to pay. Alongside that, they validated their assumptions towards the preferences of the consumers on natural food supplements (detox, vitality, immunity, etc.). 

This pilot test has created an opportunity for them to shape their future directions through their startup development, giving tangible proof to showcase that their clinical test has value to get their products certified. Furthermore, an expansion of their services to the Dutch market seems very feasible now that they have seen the overwhelmingly positive reaction to their unique golden chlorella-based superfoods.

Majbritt Byskov-Bridges, Co-Founder of Alver, said: “The timing is perfect as we accelerate Alver micro-algae as the next frontier of alternative proteins, Get in the Ring has given us so much support with not only funding possibilities but also new partnerships.”

Linda Vermaat, Director of Innofest said: “Thank you Get in the Ring for giving us the opportunity to add value to your amazing competition. It was a pleasure to work with such passionate entrepreneurs. Thanks to the more in-depth collaboration with Alver we helped them to strengthen their product and business case. Can’t wait to catch them in a few years.”