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Part of the Uniting Water Energy Food Innovation Tour – set up by Unknown Group & Dutch Dubai – Get in the Ring Jordan aims to identify the best startups and scaleups based in Jordan to test, scale and prove their solutions with leading industry partners and impact investors via 1-on-1 dealmaking meetings. With 10 billion expected inhabitants by 2050, the goal is to provide a global podium to water, energy, and food solutions that are able to meet this growing demand and shape a better future for all. Check out the 13 shortlisted startups that are testing, scaling and proving their solutions at Get in the Ring Jordan – Uniting Water Energy Food:


AKYAS Sanitation

AKYAS is a Turn-key solution that functions as a low-cost, low-resource, and easily deployable non-sewered sanitation system. The mission of AKYAS is to bring low-cost sanitation to the base of the pyramid population regionally and globally, especially those with lack of access to safe sanitation such as displaced populations, high-dense slum households or other water scarce communities.


Algebra Intelligence

Algebra Intelligence is a software development firm that focuses on integrating cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions into the energy sector. With real-time plant monitoring, forecasting, predictive maintenance services, maintenance management, and billing systems. The products can proactively send alerts that will save money, time, and ultimately please the company clients.


Aquaria Technologies Inc.

Aquaria is the global leader in atmospheric water generation. They are democratizing sustainable access to clean drinking water through rapid, decentralized and low capex solutions to the world’s most water poor populations. Aquaria makes water out of thin air, intelligently solving the world environmental potable water crisis — one saved plastic bottle at a time.



Decapolis is a Jordan-based leader in Food Safety and Quality Traceability. The mission of Decapolis is to support customers, and by extension, the industries in which we work, to provide premium goods for which the end-to-end supply and production chains comply with stringent safety and quality control standards. Auditors and regulatory agencies audit food producers to ensure that the production process satisfy safety and quality standards.


Dibeen – The Organic Company for Food is an online marketplace that connects local producers and farmers with the world. They make use of technology and adopt the shared economy model, putting the consumers in direct connection with the local producer, allowing access to high quality local products while benefiting local economy producers.



Ghoorcom is an online marketplace connecting farmers with retailers directly.



ION is first electric vehicle charging platform in Jordan and MENA region, ION manufactures smart, cutting-edge, all-compatible chargers, a mobile app to enable users to locate and activate charger and pay for the service and on top of that a great advertising platform on the chargers big LCD screens and in-app.



Ivvest uses science and technology to produce the freshest, purest and tastiest leafy greens, everyday and all-year-long! Through using its in-house developed and designed fully automated vertical farming technology, Ivvest was able to create fully closed and controlled optimal environments for each and every leafy green.



Palmear is an agriculture technology startup that uses artificial intelligence and acoustics to detect invasive wood boring pests. Our first accredited and patent pending solution enables date palm farmers to detect the Red Palm Weevil pest (RPW) at an early stage, allowing for early targeted interventions and reducing their dependencies on chemicals and pesticides. The RPW is a major invasive pest species affecting the livelihoods of nearly 50 million farmers globally.


Sager Drones

SagerSpace is an integrated platform built for enterprise drone workflow that gives them full ownership on drone operation life cycle from to drone mission planing , access multiple analyses engine and understand drone data. Anywhere. Anytime with highest ROI in the market.



Senara is a refugee-led social enterprise that empowers marginalized women and youth who lack access to agricultural land and job opportunities through Hydroponic Technology to increase their income, save water, and contribute to food security. We also create job opportunities through our a commercial line of manufacturing locally and selling Household Hydroponic Units.


Smart Green for AgriTech Solutions

Smart Green digitizes agribusiness using Industry 4.0 technologies; our intelligent system helps farmers to reach the optimum use of water and fertilizers by delivering the precise amount of water and nutrients to plants in a timely manner, thus saving up to 70% of water consumption, all by providing remote control of farms’ irrigation anytime, anywhere, and at a competitive price.



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SOLVillion is a start-up provides innovative engineering solutions in full package services to its customers, related to water & sanitation system and renewable energy. In a safe, low cost, green and high-quality standards. Including pre and post consultation and customer services.also, training programs for fresh graduate youth that are interested in water problems and sanitation to become capable for work environment.


Congratulations to the shortlisted startups! The winning solution will be recognized as a leading impact business on an international stage, at Expo 2020 Dubai, in front of thousands of investors, corporates, and governments.