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Have you ever thought during Math classes in high-school “When am I going to use this in real life”? Most of us did. All of these formulas, equations, finding X.. never seemed to make sense. Well, Techambition is about to change this perception!



Techambition is the Czech startup that recently won Get in the Ring Prague. According to them most of high-school students would rather eat raw broccoli than solve a math problem. Can Techambition bring kids back to Math? We sat down with the CEO, Jakub Stansky to learn how visualizations connected to data analysis will make finding your X more enjoyable.

Back in 2011 Jan Stansky, the co-founder of Techambition, was teaching at the Czech Technical university in Prague. He had some difficulties explaining Math principles to his class but found out that visualization makes it a lot easier. The idea went through couple of transformations – educational tool for university classes of Math and Physics, Thermodynamics for PhD students on Stanford University, to finally focus on high-school students.

We found out that what computers really should do for the teacher is to evaluate the students.

Techambition is developing a set of visual Math homeworks that tracks and evaluates student’s performance. It informs their teacher where they have troubles and what to focus on during the next class. The system also automatically recommends interactive visualizations to be used by the teacher in the lesson. Techambition is uniquely connecting all aspects of educational system – study, evaluation and testing of the student and in-class learning in only one application!

Techambition is on the road to success but has a few more steps to make before that. For the 3 months since Techambition is offering their products, sales have 78% success rate within the Czech republic. The startup plans to expand to other European countries with similar educational systems. Techambition is already in 7 schools in Spain, 3 in Italy and 8 in Slovakia. What could be the next target to the ambitious team?

We are only just starting with the expansion in Europe but we are thinking about USA of course.




Techambition aims to be sustainable profitable company and to have wide European coverage of schools. They have just raised 380k with clear goal to grow their team with more great people dealing with sales and marketing in their new destinations. Not far away is also developing their tool to cover other technical subjects for high-school students.

Techambition is always looking to provide the best product possible! So if you want to add some expertise, know how they can improve or simply want to invest and make Math great again – contact us and we will make it happen!

Techambition will be part of our Global Conference from 17th to 19th of May in Singapore! Do you want to meet Techambition in person? Join the Global Conference at