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Part of the Uniting Water Energy Food Innovation Tour – set up by Unknown Group & Dutch Dubai – Get in the Ring MENA aims to identify the best startups and scaleups based in the Middle East and North Africa region to test, scale and prove their solutions with leading industry partners and impact investors via 1-on-1 dealmaking meetings. With 10 billion expected inhabitants by 2050, the goal is to provide a global podium to water, energy, and food solutions that are able to meet this growing demand and shape a better future for all. Check out the 20 shortlisted startups that are testing, scaling and proving their solutions at Get in the Ring MENA – Uniting Water Energy Food:



Sowillo is a provider of solar power systems to a software platform with cloud analytics and learning system. The company provides solar water heating systems for residential and industrial buildings, which have built-in protection from overheat and bad environmental conditions.



Brevel is a developer of micro-algae cultivation technology intended for high-quality low-cost micro-algae cultivation. The company’s technology is based on the internal illumination of micro-algae cultures by means of sunlight concentrated and transported through optical fibers, enabling customers to meet the growing demand for more sustainable food, materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and energy.



Kinoko-Tech is a producer of edible fungi based fermentation products intended to offer an alternative protein. The company’s product ferments the mycelium, improving the nutritional value that is a complete protein, texture and taste and raw material can be cooked or incorporated into different products, providing customers with allergen-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free and not genetically modified food products.



Kiinns is a technology company that develops a cleaning solution for food processing equipment. Its technology isolates the processing containers and stirrer from processed food. It can be used for industrial and domestic purposes.



TreetoScope is an operator of an ag-tech firm intended to reduce water wastage in irrigation. The company’s device senses the internal water flow of a plant and directly measures its water consumption and real-time irrigation needs and helps growers to save water cost, and improve efficiency, yield and resilience, thereby enabling farmers to achieve a higher return on investment.



Fast Sense safely monitors the energy transition into Hydrogen through our patent protected laser induced Hydrogen (H₂), CO, sensor. Hydrogen first, we can detect if there’s any leaks or monitor carbon emission, at the point of the production, pipeline distribution or in the factory/home. What’s unique about our hydrogen sensor is that we are the world’s first sensor that can detect multiple gases at once without being affected by cross-sensitivity.



Taqatak is capitalizing on a shift to a more environmentally conscious culture, Taqatak has managed to innovatively integrate between the fields of renewables, water, agriculture & big data. Taqatak is a vibrant business venture that pioneers in producing solar-powered products for small farmers to smartly integrate between clean energy, crop health & water consumption. Our most recent project is helping small framers in new valley governate to utilize max output from their solar system.



OilChain is developing a blockchain-enabled oil & gas production data monitoring software. The software can provide information about downhole and surface physical parameters such as wellhead temperature, wellhead pressure, oil & water flow rate, and fluid density.


Apotec Bay Botanical Solutions

Apotec Bay Botanical Solutions delves into nature’s heart, sow the seeds of a wide range of herbal species all over the world to produce only the best and finest botanical extracts to enhance our business partners’ products in the Food, Beverage, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical industries. They monitor the process meticulously; we harvest, cultivate and extract using transformative innovation and sustainable technology. With such technique and methodology, we take pride of being the pioneer and first Supercritical Fluid



BIOwayste offers decentralized machines that convert organic waste into gas (that could be used as cooking gas) and liquid fertilizer (organic).



Tekeya is using technology to fight food waste in the Middle East. We offer a digital marketplace where food providers such as restaurants, bakeries and groceries sell their fresh surplus food at a reduced price to consumers, or donate it to charity organizations near them. Creating a triple win for its users: extra profit for seller, reduce prices for buyers and increased supply for charities, whilst saving the environment at the same time.


Standard Carbon

Standard Carbon produces a modular device which attaches to industrial energy equipment in order to capture CO2 and use the carbon molecules for the production and use of natural gas.



At AQUALITAS they believe that to protect the environment and keep us safe real-time monitoring of water quality is required. but It’s a challenge as current solutions have high CapEx and tedious maintenance resulting in high OpEx. They develop a smart water quality monitoring platform with an integrated ML analysis that is affordable, reliable, and available. Our technology allows us to provide our solution as a service, disrupting the standard business model. We’re funded by I4Valley Incubator.



4Doceans is an autonomous multisensory AI platform, proven to identify contaminations in real time at LAB GRADE down to the molecule, While mapping it in 4Dimentions and predicting its distribution in time & space. After a pollution is identified and mapped, our system also, provides insights to decision-makers.So that accountable Industries & agencies may act on time , preventing the catastrophic effect of water pollution.



Digital agriculture platform as a service providing precision farming services of crop monitoring and crop management.



Wasteless is a developer of an intelligent grocery pricing software intended to reduce waste and optimize revenue. The company’s machine learning-based software tracks store inventory volume, expiration dates, sales, and orders in-order to change the prices based on time and demand, enabling store owners to alter prices and encourage the purchase of products closer to its sell-by date while reducing the waste of perishable items.



Entoprotech is a developer of food waste-based crop biological products. They use black soldier fly to convert food waste into advanced products such as defatted insect meal that is used as feed for animals and is also used in cosmetics, pharma, and fertilizers.



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Majordomo is a platform offering AI-based kitchen inventory management solution. The solution is designed for restaurant managers and owners that collecting & tracking inventory and also the system learns the daily inventory needs, recommends, and places orders automatically. It uses IoT and Big Data that integrates with the kitchen containers and sends real-time data into the database.



Luminescent Solar Power (LSP) is an innovative new technology that combines PV & heat engines simultaneously (not spectral splitting). They can replace any fossil fuel power station with cleaner, cheaper solar energy. They allow setup that is as simple as PV but produces double the production Photoluminescent material and its heat-absorption technique. A Small Liquid Engine for Big Green Energy challenge in the development of a disruptive heat engine that enables us to generate 24/7/365 solar energy at a low cost.


Alfred’s Food Tech

Alfred’s have developed a proprietary technological platform for creating plant-based whole- cut, that can enable the largest food companies to create there own unique whole-cut products for there target market.


Congratulations to the shortlisted startups! The winning solution will be recognized as a leading impact business on an international stage, at Expo 2020 Dubai, in front of thousands of investors, corporates, and governments.