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We all know about the perks of a sound sleep and how it miraculously vitalizes our lives. In the XXI century, the market is flooded by sleep tech – one measuring the brainwaves, another the breaths we are taking or how many movements we are making in our sleep. The truth is we need around 7 hours of sleep to feel energized and ready to work. Now imagine how important sleep is for disabled people who need a long and healthy night to maintain the quality of their life.

PreDecub is the lightweight winner of Get in the Ring South Korea. We found PreDecub in Seoul, in the biggest South Korean’s incubator: Social Ventures. We sat together with one of the co-founders Yeonjoon Kim to tell us more about their medical device and the way it makes disabled people enjoy their sleep.

As many startup ideas, the one behind PreDecub came as an inspiration. One of the team members is disabled and shared his difficulties with bed mattresses. No solution on the market was satisfying. Not so much of coincidence Yeo Sang Youn, the CTO of PreDecub, was working for Samsung Medical center for 7 years with a focus on bedsores. They combined their common visions on how to help disabled people deal with their bedsores to come up with the idea. They created a smart mattress that relieves bedsores.

PreDecub created a sensor embedded mattress that moves the body of the disabled person in the most comfortable position. There are 5 different parts of the bed connected to a mobile application. With a simple click on the application, the disabled person can move parts of the bed up and down and also turn around. The bed not only helps with bedsores but also gives disabled people independence from their family members.


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PreDecub is still testing their idea but hopes to be ready with and selling their product before October this year. As there are constant improvements on the model they have to license every single step throughout their process. Yet the team doesn’t rest until it has completely answered to their customer’s needs.

“We are trying to improve our product over and over again. We need to think about disabled people’s lives and the best ways to relieve bed sores.“

For completely new devices on the market, the road to success can be thorny. Even though the startup is trying to relieve the lives of disabled people starting from Korea, it is hard to convince them to use PreDecub’s product. To overcome this challenge, however, PreDecub collected a dedicated team that visits homes of disabled people not only in the capital Seoul but also in other major cities such as Busan. They also try to call as many homes as possible around the country to assure that they are helping in the best possible way.

PreDecub has an awesome idea to relieve disabled people and make their sleep safe and sound. They need your help to go through that process. PreDecub is looking for capital investments which they will use to through the process of licensing and hiring engineers faster. If you find yourself in that initiative or give independence to disabled people give us a hint and we will put you through.