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Nowadays, we willingly provide our most precious information to the world. Google knows all of our private information from Gmail and Facebook Messenger provides our number to all of those 2000 people you are really ‘close’ with. Today privacy is the ultimate luxury and onoff is the tool that helps us have multiple phones in one SIM card!

onoff is one of the finalists from our International final in Medellin 15/16. The French startup based in Estonia, created an app that gives people the freedom and control over their smartphones. A platform that provides with the master key to social networks and phone usage. Today we sat with Adrien Geneste, the Head of Communication & Marketing to track down their journey since the 15/16  Final last year.

The onoff app is a mobile application that allows everyone to use multiple numbers on one smartphone, instantly. onoff numbers are used with any regular SIM card and can be switched ‘on’ or ‘off’ by users, allowing them to control their availability. Users also have control over specific elements of their numbers – they have the option to turn calls, messages, voicemail and their private wall ‘on’ or ‘off’, at their discretion. The onoff app includes a full social communication platform that allows the user to make and receive calls and text messages. You can have seamless video calls, intelligently organize their contacts and set up personalized voicemail for each number.



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It is hard to believe how much the company has evolved for the last couple of months. Now the onoff app is available in a fully paid model. To beat the inconvenience of having multiple cell phones, the team offers the service in more than 45 countries including the UK, USA, Canada and France. The goal by the summer is to spread to more than 80 countries worldwide. And international customers really appreciate the freedom onoff gives them.

“Nowadays nobody wants to give his personal number anymore. If somebody wants to sell their car via Ebay, for example, they give an onoff number”

onoff is the definition for an exponentially growing startup. The team grew from 20 to 40 people in a span of a year and plans to employ additional 60 iOS and Android developers by December. Even though the startup has couple of offices, the “magic” happens in the Estonian capital – Tallinn! The city offers a pool of entrepreneurial enthusiasts who create the perfect eco-system for the startup to develop further. And what a growth in the office as well – magic now is created in 560 sq meters open area working space!

Even though the startups is absolutely going great, something is bugging us. There must be some difficulty they are facing. So how about July 2017 when there will be no longer roaming charges within the European Union? Is this a challenge or an opportunity for the startup?
Without even blinking an eye Adrien replied:

“For onoff this is great news! We’ll be able to provide our product to even more countries without worrying about the charges, we’ll provide the onoff app to everyone!”

onoff will use this momentum to strengthen their customer base and to provide their best services in up to 80 countries. Well, this is a good fightback!  

onoff is growing and needs capital investment to market their product to the broader audience. To grow their team to 100 employees, the startups will also need iOS and Android developers with entrepreneurial passion and who wants to work in an international team! Do you recognize onoff as your perfect future company, contact us at and we’ll get you in contact with the right people!