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Osaka is gaining attention as a fast growing hub for startups in Asia, currently being ranked second in Japan right after Tokyo. Through dynamic support programs, Osaka is fostering collaboration between startups and various public and private parties. The Osaka Innovation Hub serves as the primary gateway for both startups and stakeholders, in the innovation ecosystem. As part of the Artificial Intelligence edition, we are delighted to present the 6 finalists that are revealing the true entrepreneurial potential of local talent in the city:

Lightweight category

MILK Inc. introduces a space technology, called hyperspectral imaging, into the medical field to research the causes of cancer. Their product named ANSWER is a web application for cancer detection using hyperspectral imaging.

Lizuna Inc. supports eCommerce merchants to reduce fraud orders by >70%, and to increase profit by allowing merchants to customize the AI assisted fraud system to further increase its accuracy rate and automate fraud checks.


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Middleweight category

OUI Inc. develops a smartphone attachement medical device called Smart Eye Camera (SEC), which enables to diagnose the anterior part of the eye with equal function to existing slit-lamp microscope using AI and the images from SEC. The company aims to overcome world blindness and to push the development of healthcare.

EAGLYS provides secure AI engine as a service which enables customers to have access to, exchange, and safely process data. This allows for greater precision in analysis of data and machine learning model creation. Their solutions are compatible with any segments that deal with sensitive and confidential information.

Heavyweight category

OSARO implements AI for industrial automation to accelerate the transition from static robotic systems into dynamic solutions. Osaro’s products are built on a core technology of learning algorithms and sophisticated robotic control which enable industrial robots to see and manipulate objects in warehouses and factories.

Hishab works towards a world where anyone can use software without having to learn how to use it, with simple voice command and without the need of internet, smartphone or IT literacy.