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Amazon built Echo, Mark Zuckerberg has Jarvis, AI is kicking ass on poker and yet education seems to be stuck in the last century. Is there a way to provide an equal world class education at MIT and under a palm tree in Southeast Asia? We are happy there is Processim Labs – the mobile business simulation app that makes you skip MBA courses!

Processim Labs is the Lightweight winner of Get in the Ring Costa Rica. The team of three dedicated professionals decided to transform education as we know it. Their main goal is to make students leave their laptops behind, teachers their labs and join forces to put theory into practice. Our guest today is Javier, one of the co-founders of Processim Labs. He will share the secret how students can take managerial decisions without any risk.

Hans and Javier were developing mobile apps while Luis was a professor at a prestigious university in Costa Rica. The match made in heaven came not so much as a coincidence. A cousin of Javier who was also Luis’ student realized that they had matching ideas and got them talking. Soon the three co-founders decided to combine their expertise to improve the learning experience.

Processim Labs developed a virtual company that you carry on your phone. It is to be used as a teaching tool for professors as part of management courses. World-class universities are using case studies but all they do is hand the students a piece of paper and ask about their opinion. With the simulation, you can take a managerial decision on production, sales and forecast and see the actual results of it. There are a lot of computer-based simulations available but Processim Labs offers a unique mobile app, that can use the same method all over the world.

Processim Labs are on their way to reach sustainability by the end of June. They want to be recognized as the main business simulation in Latin America and eventually around the world. Currently, the startup is selling the application to established universities. It is a lot easier to contact customers which are already familiar with the case study method. Yet, there is a bigger picture behind Processim Labs:


“I would be satisfied if we have our app working in developing countries where is harder to get a computer lab with the right conditions.“

The biggest challenge for Processim Labs is to get new customers on board. There is a long process to win over universities and professors as the startup have to present their product in front of both groups, to put the word out for themselves. Nevertheless, all of the meetings they had already resulted in a positive feedback and a partnership.

Processim Labs offers not only the simulation app but a whole teaching tool that also includes the business case and teaching note for the professor. Even though the simulation is as easy to use as possible, students still need guidance to learn from the simulation correctly.

“Not everybody gets the idea – you need the whole package, you need the professors. Processim Labs is a teaching tool for the professors to use.”

Processim Labs wants to bring their business simulation app around the globe. To speed up this process they need key partners and investors. If you are sick and tired of computer-based simulations or simply believe that the future of education lies in practice – gives us a sign and we’ll put you through!

Processim Labs will be part of our Global Conference from 17th to 19th of May in Singapore! Do you want to meet Processim Labs in person? Join the Global Conference at