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On 6 September 2017, hurricane Irma crashed through Saint Martin leaving the country with unimaginable damages and destruction. Now, a collaboration of seven Dutch organizations has set in a search for startups that can help speed up the rebuilding of Saint Martin and offer smart solutions for the island.

Hurricane Irma was the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. To Saint Martin, a small country situated in the Caribbean Sea, this hurricane meant that the country was ripped apart resulting in several lost lives and incomprehensible damages. The recovery from this terrible event is expected to take years.

In an effort to speed up the recovery of Saint Martin and enhance the quality of living on the island, Get in the Ring together with StartupDelta, The Red Cross, the Ministries of Defence and Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation, Open House and Impact City are looking for startups with innovative solutions.

The idea is that in order to reconstruct Saint Martin, new innovative and smarter solutions are needed within energy, shelter, water and economic security, which is why this tender is open for startups.

“Startups can meaningfully contribute to the great challenges that lie ahead in the process of reconstruction. What’s more, they are perfectly positioned to help organize the reconstruction efforts more effectively. We have seen startups contribute significantly in the field of emergency relief already. For example, by way of SuperSola’s solar panels and Team 510’s drones”. – Constantijn Van Oranje, StartupDelta.


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A unique opportunity
This project brings an unique opportunity for startups to apply for a tender that usually wouldn’t be available. This means that startups have the opportunity to use this project to show that their solutions work and can solve a pressing problem even in a situation of crisis.

This project is the first time these organizations consider the opportunity of startup solutions, but if it is successful, this might open up other opportunities with similar pressing projects.

The reward of doing good
With a project like this, the reward of being selected to implement a solution is more than just the reward of a contract. It is also the reward of doing good.

It is an opportunity for startups to use their skills and passion to do more than just accelerate into the business world. It is an opportunity to make a real impact for those in desperate need.

Let’s support Saint Martin
If you are interested in learning more about how to help Saint Martin rebuild, check out