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In the weekend of October 17 Romanian startups faced the challenge and found their way to the ring.

The second edition of Get in the Ring in Romania attracted over 100 visitors who witnessed great startups. The event was hosted by GEA Strategy & Consulting, under special care of Silvia Ursu.

It was thrilling to see the startups battling for their spot in the Regional finals of Eastern Europe.  Skeptic Dog Animation and Symme3D went home with prizes like a spot in a co-working space and cash prizes of 4000 euro made possible by Creative East, Banca Transilvania and Impact Bucharest Hub.

Skeptic Dog Animation, the winner of the lightweight class, is a startup that sells hand-drawn animated films to other startups and businesses. The animated films can be used as promotional films, explainer videos or story of the brand movie. Symme3D is the winner of the middle weight-class and is a multifunctional platform that can be used for 3D printing. The two Romanian winners will travel to Sofia early next year to represent their country in the Regional Final of Eastern Europe.

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