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Insurance is something that everyone needs but not everyone understands. You need to fill all of the document, read the small sentences on the bottom of the page and calculate what you owe. Honestly, we don’t even understand it completely and there isn’t a YouTube tutorial  to help us. It’s good that Systems for Enterprise is there to make sure we don’t make any mistakes and our security is covered!

Systems4Enterprise is the winner of Get in the Ring, Macedonia. They want to educate people and spread the word about the insurance industry and innovations. With us today is Jasmina Pislevikj, the Project coordinator of Systems for Enterprise, telling us more about the story of the startup and the challenges ahead.

The founder of Systems for Enterprise, Stefan Miteski was working for 5 years already in the insurance industry as business analyst when he was inspired to broaden his knowledge and open a company in Macedonia. He quickly found a team with which he developed his ideas. Currently the team is consisted of 6 people working full-time and a couple of students as part of their internship programs dedicated to IOS and Android development.

We call it innovation center in the IT for the insurance industryexplains Jasmina. They have different projects depending on the issue it is covering. For example the winning project for them in Get in the Ring Macedonia was an Optimal Reinsurance Management (ORM) project for insurance companies.


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Success is nearly there for Systems for Enterprise. They are currently working on a couple of projects for quality assurance for Canadian company, Marine management for the Caribbean government, Insured Traveling for selling insurance policies and still trying to sell their application. So it seems like they are going bigger.
They would like to bring  innovation in the insurance industry and strengthen the technology usage, the software usage and provide everyone with easy reachable and easy manageable insurance. Also educating people about what they are doing.

“Success will be once we are recognized as the leader in innovation in insurance ”

So what are the challenges that System for Enterprises is facing? Most of them are related to funding and of course valuable people to strengthen the team and continue developing their products. Also  they want to educate people more about the insurance industry and by this make it easily reachable for them. Everybody needs insurance you just have to understand how it works and how to use it optimally.

System for Enterprises are staying open for people to cooperate with them. They value the feedback they are getting so anything from evaluating their business model, to people willing to develop their software is more than welcome. Do you want to contribute them? Contact us at