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Part of the Uniting Water Energy Food Innovation Tour – set up by Unknown Group & Dutch Dubai – Get in the Ring the Netherlands aims to identify the best startups and scaleups based in the Netherlands to test, scale and prove their solutions with leading industry partners and impact investors via 1-on-1 dealmaking meetings. With 10 billion expected inhabitants by 2050, the goal is to provide a global podium to water, energy, and food solutions that are able to meet this growing demand and shape a better future for all. Check out the 22 shortlisted startups that are testing, scaling and proving their solutions at Get in the Ring the Netherlands – Uniting Water Energy Food:



Blockheating is building a network of edge Datacenters with a focus on the Co2 footprint. Their goal is to provide a solution for IT service providers to scale their (edge) services on a truly green infrastructure (green power, no heatpump, no water vapor & heat re-use), while providing a sustainable heat source for the food sector. Operating this network allows them to shift loads between locations depending on the heat demand and electricity supply at any given moment.



Bluemethane is developing patent-pending deeptech and software technologies to measure and capture methane emissions from hydropower reservoirs, to unlock a new source of data, energy, and revenue for asset owners. Our mission is to avoid 30 million tonnes of CO2e emissions being released from hydropower dams and reservoirs around the world by 2030.


Borg Energy Storage

Borg is founded to safeguard clean & reliable energy for everyone, through thermal energy storage under every house. We have invented a heat battery that provides 5x more heat storage for half the price compared to a home battery. Our solution is designed for prefab integration through which we aim to incorporate energy storage in new construction (1 million new homes by 2030) and renovation (7.5 million existing homes by 2050).


Botanic Bites

Botanic Bites makes it as easy as possible for people to enjoy damn good healthy food & Change the World one Bite at a Time.



Desolenator is the world’s first solar thermal desalination solution. This means they use 100% solar to purify complex water types (seawater, brackish, heavy metals) into high quality drinking water. Their patented energy harvesting is 4x more efficient than standard PV and we do not use membranes or harmful chemicals. They produce net-zero water whilst at the same time providing climate resilience to businesses and communities globally.



INDRESMAT is a chemical startup based in Barcelona (ES) and Geleen (NL) that has redefined the thermal envelope of buildings, employing biobased Polyurethane (bioPUR) with the aim to reduce a 70% their energy demand, and consequently, decreasing their CO2 emissions through the use of 2 low C-Footprint products addressing 100% of the energy leaking problem: 1) KLIMA-PUR, a top-class energy-saving frame for windows & doors. 2) SAFE-PUR, an insulating foam with improved fire safety.



IntelligentFood developes delicious products for the food industry – based on residual flow, created with inventive & innovative recipes. Custom-made, hand picked from a selection of previously developed products, small & exclusive or semi mass production, for private label and/or newly developed brands. For supermarkets, retail chains, hospitality, catering and wholesale.


Karma Kebab

Karma Kebab has created the world’s most delicious kebab! 100% powered by plants and completely guilt free. Karma points guaranteed!


Kumasi Drinks

Kumasi Drinks pours cocoa wastage in a bottle. And strangely enough, that’s delicious. At Kumasi Drinks, they believe in honest supply chains without food loss and poverty. Therefore, they produce cocoa fruit drinks out of a product that so far has been perceived as a waste product: the cocoa fruit pulp. With their Kumasi Gassi’s (carbonated cocoa fruit soda) and Kumasi Sappi’s (non-carbonated cocoa fruit soda) they aim on bringing pure & quirky drinks to the market.



LocalDutch (LD) is a new Urban Farming concept enabling access to healthy leafy greens in urban areas. High social impact and low ecological footprint. LD delivers turnkey Farm&Shops with services to local operators. Designed for scalability and totally standardized. Key to successful local operation is the incorporated shop where also additional sustainable local products are sold. Central point for just-in-time delivery to local restaurants and schools, education and healthy food events.



Mavasol is specialized in circular sand- and manure separation systems for dairy farmers. Their products support sustainable agriculture in efficiency and reducing their ecological footprint. The products are costumer specific, complete remote controlled for the best results. They are worldwide distributor of Daritech equipment, outside America. These patented machines have been sold in America over 30 years.



REDstack develops the Blue Energy technology, generating full sustainable and full continous power; once fully implemented, the Blue Energy Technology can generate up to 12% of the dutch power demand at a competitive pricelevel. The export potential is significant.



Sibö provides development & supply of clean and efficient insect-based protein, fats and chitosan, as highly functional food ingredients for food manufacturers.



SolarDew has developed a new solar water purification technology specifically for treating brackish/saline water or chemically contaminated water. SolarDew’s products provide sustainable solutions to households and communities for their drinking water needs in the long term but also during emergencies (tsunami’s, etc.).



SolarDuck is a company focussed on the development of cost effective offshore floating solar platforms and plants.



SOLHO is a high-tech company  leveraging more than 30 years of experience of its team in the power and solar industry to develop large-scale solar thermal energy plants called SPRHOUT for the horticultural industry. SOLHO designs, builds, and operates SPRHOUT systems providing heating and/or cooling, enabling the deployment of greenhouse farms virtually anywhere. At SOLHO, they are on a mission to enable the transition towards sustainable food provision.


Sophie’s BioNutrients

Sophie’s BioNutrients is developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae. They have a proprietary strain of microalgae which can grow in a fermentation tank, be fed on various food waste, and could be harvested in just 3 days. Their microalgae has 60% of protein which has high quality essential amino acids profile, exceeding WHO requirements for protein products.


Squad Mobility

Squad Mobility develops the Squad, World’s first Solar City Car in the world for sharing. The Squad is an affordable solution for emission-free daily urban mobility, urban congestion and parking problems, no helmet and no drivers license needed.


Waste Works

Waste Works helps governments to build in a climate adaptive way by providing them with a climate adaptive and sustainable circular pavement. This is called the Waste Works Buffertrottoir. It prevents flooding because of heavy rainfall and creates 80-90% less CO2 emission compared to a traditional pavement. The first project is now being realized in a municipality located at the lowest point in the Netherlands (Gemeente Zuidplas).



Willicroft is reimagining how people consume cheese combining age-old techniques with a more planet-friendly ingredient base. With Mother Nature as their CEO, they’re placing the planet’s future front and centre behind every decision they make.


Congratulations to the shortlisted startups! The winning solution will be recognized as a leading impact business on an international stage, at Expo 2020 Dubai, in front of thousands of investors, corporates, and governments.