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In recent years, we have witnessed incredible technological advancements in the automotive sector. Cars are moving away from traditional fuels towards electricity and hydrogen. And along with alternative fuels, the driving experience is improving as well.

Problem Statement: Nearly all new cars feature built-in entertainment systems, that can be used for navigation, multimedia or even to play games on. While these kind of entertainment systems are indeed improving the driving experience, on the other hand they can be a big distracting factor whilst driving.

Scope for Innovation: The problem with nearly all built-in entertainment systems is that they are located in the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel. Therefore, the driver will have to take his eyes off the road to check the navigation or to just to change the music. This distracts the driver from what is most important when driving, namely to keep your eyes and focus on the road ahead of you.

Our Solution of the Week, WayRay is a Swiss startup which was founded in 2012 with a goal to improve the driving experience for drivers, but also passengers. They focus on improving the visual experience when driving by projecting digital images on the windshield of the car through holographic AR. This allows all necessary information to be projected on the road to remove distractions, enhance safety and improve the driving experience. Within the automotive sector, the solution has different application areas. For example, it can create a more visual and better navigation experience, but it can also highlight different landmarks whilst driving.