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After a packed day of virtual dealmaking meetings with leading Dutch impact startups – 140 to be precise – the jury members have had their say. It was a tough call, but here are the four finalists for Get in the Ring The Netherlands – Impact that will go on to compete in a pitch battle livestream on October 29 at 4PM CET:


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Pitch Battle #1 | Ampyx Power 🚁💨vs SolarDew 🚰💧

Ampyx Power [Watch their Pitch] enables access to untapped wind via airborne wind energy systems that reduce carbon footprint by 50% and materials by 90%.

They will be competing against…

SolarDew [Watch their Pitch], who have created a desalination technology that can be rapidly deployed as a compact, inflatable product after a natural disaster or as a permanent source of drinking water.

Pitch Battle #2 | Willicroft🌱🧀 vs Circularise⭕♻️

Willicroft [Watch their Pitch] have succeeded where many others have failed, by bringing ideal taste, texture and shelf life to plant-based cheese.

They will be squaring up against…

Circularise [Watch their Pitch], who use blockchain to make raw materials traceable, giving them a digital identity, while simultanenously protecting stakeholder privacy.

Missed the finalist announcement? Watch it back over here:

Which impact venturers emerge from the pitch battle showdown as the winners of Get in the Ring The Netherlands? The stage is set at – find out at 4PM CET on Thursday, October 29.