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As an initiative of Unknown Group & Dutch Dubai,

With 10 billion expected inhabitants by 2050, the solution to meeting the increasing needs of our population within the limited resources of our planet lies in the hands of bold founders. As part of the Uniting Water Energy Food Innovation Tour, we’ve travelled the Middle East North Africa, Asia Pacific, Netherlands and Jordan regions to find the most promising solutions that are ready to tackle global challenges. Together with industry leaders, we selected the most promising 26 startups and scaleups in the water, energy and food domains. To equip them with all the necessary exposure to scale their solution worldwide, our finalists will pitch their solution in front of thousands of potential partners at Expo 2020 Dubai. We’re excited to present you the finalist 26 startups and scale-ups that are ready to shape a better future for all:


Selected from The Netherlands 

Karma Kebab
Karma Kebab develops a 100% plant-based kebab. By sourcing local ingredients such as vegetables and grains, Karma Kebab is being sustainable with a farmers sense.

LocalDutch (LD) is an urban farming concept that provides access to healthy leafy greens in urban areas with high social impact and low environmental footprint. LD delivers turnkey farm&shops with services to local operators.

REDstack is developing Blue Energy technology that generates sustainable and continuous electricity. Once fully implemented, Blue Energy technology can generate up to 12% of the Dutch electricity demand at a competitive price level.

SolarDew has developed a solar water purification technology specifically for treating brackish/saline water or chemically contaminated water. SolarDew’s products provide households and communities with sustainable solutions for their drinking water needs in the long term, as well as in emergencies (tsunamis, etc.).

Solarduck is building a floating offshore solar company, providing society with access to affordable renewable electricity by delivering turnkey and profitable floating offshore solar solutions.

SOLHO is developing large-scale solar thermal systems called SPRHOUT for the horticulture industry. Designing, building and operating SPRHOUT systems that provide heating and/or cooling, enables greenhouse farms to be used virtually anywhere. Its mission is to enable the transition to sustainable food provision.


Selected from Jordan

Algebra Intelligence
Algebra Intelligence is integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions into the energy sector. With real-time plant monitoring, forecasting, predictive maintenance services, maintenance management and billing systems, the products can proactively send alerts that save money, time and ultimately satisfy the company’s customers.

Palmear is an agricultural technology startup that uses artificial intelligence and acoustics to detect invasive wood borers. Their first accredited and patent-pending solution enables date palm farmers to detect the Red Palm Weevil (RPW) at an early stage. This facilitates early targeted intervention and reduces their reliance on chemicals and pesticides. The RPW is a major invasive pest species affecting the livelihoods of nearly 50 million farmers worldwide.

Sager Drones
SagerSpace is an integrated platform designed for enterprise drone workflow, giving them full control over the lifecycle of drone operations – from scheduling drone missions to accessing multiple analytics engines and understanding drone data everywhere.


Selected from the Middle East North Africa Region

Smart Green for AgriTech Solutions
Smart Green digitizes agribusiness with the help of Industry 4.0 technologies. The smart system helps farmers make the most of water and fertilizer by delivering the exact amount of water and nutrients to crops in a timely manner. This makes it possible to save up to 70% of water usage – all by remotely controlling farm irrigation anytime.

OilChain is developing blockchain-based software to monitor oil and gas production data. The software can provide information on physical parameters downhole and at the surface, such as wellhead temperature, wellhead pressure, oil and water flow rate, and fluid density.

Entoprotech develops biological pesticides based on food waste. They use the black soldier fly to convert food waste into advanced products such as defatted insect meal, which is used as animal feed and is also used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and fertilizers.

TreetoScope is an AG tech company operator that aims to reduce water waste in irrigation. The company’s device senses a crop’s internal water flow and directly measures water use and irrigation needs in real-time. It helps farmers save on water costs and improve efficiency, yield and resilience, allowing farmers to achieve a higher return on investment.

Fast-Sense monitors energy transfer into hydrogen through their proprietary laser-induced hydrogen (H₂), CO, sensor. By doing this, they can determine if there are any hydrogen leaks or monitor carbon emissions, at the point of production, pipeline distribution or at the factory/home. Their hydrogen sensor can detect multiple gasses at the same time without cross-sensitivity.

Standard Carbon
Standard Carbon manufactures a modular device that attaches to industrial energy equipment to capture CO2 and use the carbon molecules to produce and use natural gas.

Alfred’s Food Tech
Alfred’s is innovating the texture of alternative protein products. Their technology helps to decrease the harm to the plant and its inhabitants, aligned with strong market drivers such as health awareness, lack of farming resources, food safety, ethical considerations, food security and sustainability.


Selected from Asia Pacific Region

Grassroots Energy
Grassroots Energy offers two solutions to climate change within a circular economy model: clean fuels and renewable agricultural inputs. They produce biomethane, an ultra-low carbon clean fuel from agricultural residues on a decentralized scale that replaces fossil fuels 100%. Biomethane is offered as a replacement for fossil fuel.

Luminis Water Technologies
Luminis Water Technologies is female-led water technology startup focused on providing metagenomic water quality solutions ranging from early detection of diseases to continuous monitoring of water quality over time. With their proprietary algorithms and patent-pending equipment, they provide fast and actionable data that gives operators valuable time to make critical decisions and avert catastrophic disease events. The technology is suitable in any industry that requires clean water.

SunGreenH2 is developing the world’s most efficient water electrolyzer that uses renewable energy to produce green hydrogen on-site for industry, transportation and energy storage.

Umami Meats
Umami Meats is an operator of a cell-based food production company that aims to provide a healthy alternative to seafood. Produced directly from fish cells and tissues, enabling the production of affordable, delicious cell-cultured seafood and meat using a low-cost, high-performance serum-free medium and novel marine cell lines.

AI Genix International
AI Genix International is a developer of pest management and sustainable farming technologies designed to address the global hunger threat and food security issue. The company’s platform provides products and technologies for plant protection and sustainable farming. They protect and manage crops and plants grown in commercial farms and backyards, enabling farmers to produce quality, toxic pesticide residue-free food and enhance the yield by optimizing the use of available resources.

Hoow Foods Pte Ltd
Hoow Foods Pte Ltd is a deep-tech startup that harnesses artificial intelligence to develop healthy & sustainable foods without compromising taste and texture.


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Selected from the United Arab Emirates

hawa water
hawa® is a pure drinking water produced on-site from a new water source, the sky. The freshwater is naturally sodium-free, light and alkaline and comes in a beautifully designed glass bottle. No chemical process is used, it is free from plastics, emits no wastewater and aims for zero waste as the bottles are reusable.

Positive Nutrition
Positive Nutrition is an ambitious Food & Beverages startup in the health and wellness space. Their pod adds functional powders to water at the time of consumption rather than at the time of manufacture. As a result becoming a fresher and more effective drink for consumer health and enjoyment.

Digital Energy
Digital Energy is solving complex supply chain problems by providing AI-powered solutions. They are developing new breakthrough tools that improve industrial planning, logistics optimization and work execution.

Gazelle Wind Power Limited
Gazelle Wind Power Limited aims to accelerate the transition to renewable energy through innovative wind turbines.

Congratulations to the shortlisted startups! The winning solution will be recognized as a leading impact venture on an international stage, at Expo 2020 Dubai, in front of thousands of investors, corporates, and governments.