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We believe one of the most important features in any entrepreneur is the ability to change the world.

“But there is a huge difference between passionate entrepreneurs wanting to change the world, and the ones who are actually able to do it. I am looking for the latter” says Paulo Andrez, global business angel, speaker, author and expert investor of innovations.

The best way to learn is to share knowledge. That’s why our network is full of people who have incredible insights, experience and ideas around how to foster and support innovation all over the globe.

It’s these people – people with the resources, understanding and knowledge to support startup ecosystems – who we invite to become our Champions.

We invited Paulo to become a Get in the Ring Champion because we believe he has all of these qualities. Not only is he President of the European Business Angels Network, he’s also a successful entrepreneur, investor and supporter of entrepreneurship policies in both Slovakian and Romanian Governments.

Basically, he knows a thing or two about what makes a successful startup.

Our champions have a very important job. We trust them enough to support us in the discovery of ultimate heroes.

They are the people you need to impress during a battle. They are responsible for deciding who is crowned the winner of our Global Meetup.

As part of our Global Meetup celebrations, we’re asking our Champions to answer three quick questions about what they look for in startups, and why they’re looking forward to meeting them in Cascais.

1. Paulo you wrote a book called ‘zero risk startup’. What are your top 3 tips for being risk free?

A. Identify the main risks of your business. It’s important you understand your weaknesses, as well as your strengths.

B. Define maximum acceptable risk level, both material and immaterial.

C. Equalise the perceived risk with real risk; by eliminating, reducing, transferring or accepting each of the risks.

2. Why are you happy to be involved in Global Meetup 2018?

Get in the Ring is an unique and unusually dynamic entrepreneurial event format and I am looking forward to see how it works on a global level.

3. Why do you think business angels should be interested in Global Meetup 2018?

Global Meetup 2018 is for angels, what Disneyland is for children. Who wouldn’t  want to be surrounded by brilliant entrepreneurs from around the world?

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

If you’re after that Disney experience, you know what to do… get your ticket now.