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Over the past years we’ve witnessed disruptive innovations in the world of wearable technology. From VR glasses to exoskeletons, this technology is transforming lives, businesses and the global economy. Given its high potential for disruption, wearable tech is quickly securing an important role in the ever growing healthcare sector.

Problem Statement: Clinical gait analysis is a very powerful tool for treatment planning and evaluation of everyday movements. Traditionally, it requires a large dataset. Collecting and processing data of only a few human steps is often a complex and time consuming process that involves plenty of manual work. The complexity of this process represents an impediment in movement research, treatment and clinical development. 

Scope for Innovation: The COVID-19 pandemic made working from home the new standard. Over lockdown periods, people developed a sedentary lifestyle. Less physical activity led to CANS (Complaints on Arm, Neck and Shoulder) and increased the likelihood of developing a poor sitting posture. Wearable technology represents an innovative solution for healthcare challenges like this one. Applying such technology in clinical gait analysis potentially increases the accuracy and efficiency with which movement data is collected, to provide optimal solutions.

Our Solution of the Week was developed by Motek Medical. Founded in 2007, the Dutch company has developed a vest which analyses human movements. They leverage data to provide various solutions, ranging from correcting the sitting posture, to complete functional movement rehabilitation. Motek Medical enable people with mobility problems caused by neurological or orthopedic disorders to improve their condition and accelerate rehabilitation. Furthermore, their technology is applicable in other industries as well, such as the sport, education and military industries. For example, by tracking everyday movements, users can beat personal records in sports.