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The first event of the ‘16/’17 edition of the Get in the Ring Competition taking place in Hyderabad India, has set the bar high. More than 40 competing startups were brought back to 1 winner. The event was part of the DHI Labs Impact Chapter congress and organized in cooperation with NASSCOM, with guests from all over the world attending.

A crowd of hundreds got an interesting surprise when the Ringmaster was announced to be none other than Rajiv Makhni, Managing Editor Technology at NDTV, one of the biggest news channels in India. Known as the Gadget Guru and presenter of the show Unicorn: chasing the startup dream, Rajiv feels right at home between startups and didn’t let them off easy at all!

The panel of Champion jury members consisted of 7 experts, such as Naveen Asrani from Microsoft, Immanuel Amberber from Yourstory and Oscar Kneppers from Rockstart.

After a strong battle, Nukkad Shops was voted to be the best and took home the first title at the cost of Kenyt. Both startups are solving problems involved with the digital age of shopping. Nukkad Shops are bringing digital solutions to the many small retailers in India and other countries to make sure they can compete in the digital age. Kenyt on the other hand offers online consumers analytics on products, making it easier to make decisions that fit their need.

Sridhar Muppidi from Nukkad Shops on his victory: “We won the first Get in the Ring in Hyderabad! We are looking forward to the next round. We met so many great people, made useful connections and were even offered several VC pitching opportunities on the spot!” – We will see him back at the Global Final in March 2017!