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On November 17th, Get in the Ring the Netherlands will be closing the program of the country’s greatest innovation event, the How To Get There (HTGT) Summit. During the HTGT Summit startups have the opportunity to network with 2500 innovators including corporates, investors and other startups.


It’s great that we are part of the HTGT summit again! In 2015 the first edition of this Dutch innovation event was organized by Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) as an initiative of StartupDelta, and they are back for the 2016 edition. Guess what: Get in the Ring will be the biggest partner for startup activities, finishing the event with an awesome awardshow and afterparty.


HTGT Summit

The HTGT Summit is organized to mobilize corporates, startups and innovation hubs to innovate faster together. Aside from the innovation market, in more than 20 sessions corporates share their expertise, success stories and brilliant failures, and are looking together with startups for roadmaps to boost the startup ecosystem in Captain Meetups. According to Henk Kamp Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs:


“The How To Get There Summit is an ideal event for big companies and startups to meet and work together on each other’s future.”


Get in the Ring at the HTGT Summit

Get in the Ring makes the HTGT Summit even more exciting for startups by offering them

  • Matchups with corporates and investors. Last year, 250 startups participated and had a total of 400 speeddates, resulting in 251 follow-up connections. The dates had a high value for the startups, according to Mark Hulshof, founder and CEO of Triggre: “We dated with PostNL, Heijmans, Philips and IBM in just one hour instead of hours and hours and days and days it usually takes to get an appointment.” In 2016 the goal is to have 1000 matchups with startups!
  • Training and feedback sessions on pitching
  • Selection for the Global Startup Competition, exposure by pitching on stage for an audience of 1500 visitors, and chance to win tickets for the Global Final. The impact of standing on this podium? Berry Kriesels, founder of Omnigen, the runner-up in the middleweight class, was approached by different large companies and investors that had seen him pitching in the ring. Read more about his experience here.


Be part of it

The HTGT Summit is open to everyone interested in innovation and entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

  • Startup – Are you ready to take the stage and bring your company to the next level? For all kinds of connections with corporates and investors? Apply here.
  • Corporate – Is innovation in the core of your organization and can you call yourself an expert? Or do you want to learn from other organizations? Contact Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen (nieuwenhuijsen [at] for more info.